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  • okay, I have an intermittent issue with the media uploader, Wp 2.9.2. The error I sometimes receive is
    The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.

    This happens within a post or when uploading via the media library.

    My comments on the sticky post

    1) files uploaded correctly? I actually changed hosts to troubleshoot this. I did a fresh install of WP on the new host. I have the issue on the old and new host.

    2) clear cache – yeah, I do that regularly. This has been an ongoing issue for me.

    3) Flash Player version – WIN 10,0,45,2

    4) media buttons display? Yes, dont have that issue.

    5) Bad Behavior plugin? Nope, not here. All other plug-ins are at the latest versions.

    6) mod_security causing problems? Nope, I did the .htaccess change as a suggested fix. The change had no effect. I removed the mod_security change because it didnt help

    7) try a smaller image. NO. First of all, this isn’t an acceptable fix. Regardless it doesn’t change anything. I can sometimes upload the exact same file without issue, sometimes I cant.

    8) If the upload works I get thumbnails.

    9) default settings for the upload destination.

    okay, now for some MORE information
    The error message leads to investigation of memory issues. I was constrained at my previous host and couldn’t up the memory. I made the switch to Media Temple and have 96MB allocated to php/WP. I have a memory monitoring plugin installed and I am using 24% of allocated.

    other plugins…
    My thought is its a poorly behaving plugin. I went through a process of trying to eliminate a plugin causing the issue. I disabled several plugins, had the issue, re-enabled those plugins, it worked again. I’m a few mins later it didn’t work again.

    I cannot reliably reproduce the issue. I cant reliably make it work, or not work. If my upload fails I can go out of the upload screen or post screen and back in and it then usually, not always, works again.

    Where should I go from here?

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  • hmm, maybe I provided toooo much information? Anyone have any thoughts??? anyone?

    Bump – So I can sometime force an upload of a file that gave me the error previously by going to another section of wp-admin and then back to editing the post. This doesnt always work for me. Its very frustrating. I feel like i’m talking to myself. Anyone have a suggestion? anyone?

    HEY – Still having this issue intermittently. The post going out later today. I wrote the post, added an image just fine, spell checked, added my podcast, etc. i then wanted to add one more image and blamo. Same error “The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.”

    Anyone have any suggestions? I seem to be just talking to myself. Anyone? Anyone? Is this thing on?

    Dunno if you ever fixed your problem but I am having a very similar error with WP 3.0.1 in a shared hosting environment. Just like you, I tried all the fixes listed on the sticky. None of them worked.

    For me it seems to happen randomly. I haven’t found a pattern. Larger images seem to be more prone to an error than smaller images but anything over about 1 meg will do it. Like you, I find it unacceptable that I have to pre-process my images and futz around with them.

    The only real difference is it throws an “http error” rather than your error. Yes, I’ve tried all of the fixes listed on the sticky and on other websites. None worked.

    I’ve been able to replicate it on a local test installation (fresh copy of wordpress yada yada). Same exact behavior as on my shared hosting.

    Has anyone come up with a solution? My best thought so far was to have a plugin that could search out images that failed and re-upload them or re-crunch them. Not an elegant solution but it would at least make the problem a little easier to deal with.

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