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  • Guys,

    Today I deleted some media via the ‘Media Library’ page in my WordPress admin section. These images were ‘attached to’ a post called ‘War on Drugs‘, which is from October 2012.

    I am now finding whenever I edit posts older than October 2012 on my website, the media ‘attached to’ those posts is not showing up in the ‘Add media’ popup window.

    For example, when I edit my June 2012 post ‘Thin Air‘ and click the ‘Upload/insert’ link, I can see that there are 30 items in the ‘Gallery’ attached to that Post. When I click on the ‘Gallery (30)’ link, nothing is listed beyond the ‘ascending’/’descending’ tools.

    When I click ‘Media library’ within this popup, I can only see the images from my website’s Media library which are more recent than the images I manually deleted today. WordPress is acknowledging my full tally of 608 images, but is only listing those from October 2012 onwards.

    Can anyone suggest why WordPress is recognising that these images are ‘attached to’ certain blog posts, but is not letting me view them via the ‘Add media’ popup within a post?

    Is there anyway to ‘reset’ the media/post relationships so that all of the relationships are fully recognised across all parts of WordPress?

    Could this possibly be a 3.3.2 issue which is resolved in 3.4.x? Thanks in advance.

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