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  • This is an odd one, and I’m not sure this is the right forum for it, but here goes, anyway.

    I’ve recently been finding that uploaded media is being duplicated. By this, I mean that newly-uploaded files are correctly placed with their WordPress-generated thumbnail images, in directories with names corresponding to the current year and month, within the uploads directory, i.e.
    However, the same files are also being copied to the directory for the year, i.e.

    If the file is deleted using the WP Media library ‘Delete Permanently’ option, the correctly-filed items are deleted, but the duplicate one is not.

    This happens whether the file is uploaded from the Media or Post Editor admin pages, and when using both the Browser Uploader or the new drag-and-drop uploader in the latest WP version.

    This problem seems to be happening on only one of my local WP installations (I have local installations of WordPress working via MAMP on several machines). The only major difference I can think of with the WP installation that is exhibiting this problem is that I installed the SwfObj plugin. However, I’ve since deactivated the plugin, and the problem persists.

    Anyone else come across this behaviour, and/or knows of a solution?


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  • Anyone seen this/know of a solution?




    I’ve noticed that the duplicate files have the month number prepended to the name, so, as an example, the file ‘image.jpg’ when uploaded, will end being saved at

    <wp uploads>/2012/03/image.jpg
    and also at
    <wp uploads>/2012/03image.jpg

    And to confirm, the duplicate files are not deleted when the item is deleted from the Media Library.

    Anyone seem this behaviour before?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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