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    I have read several posts which seem to relate the issue I am having but on a brand new install (which is working as far as viewing and admin is concerned) I cannot upload files to the media library? This is on a VPS (Debian) box. I try to upload files and I get the following error:

    The uploaded file could not be moved to /var/www/vhosts/myblogdomain/httpdocs/wp-content

    None of the posts seem to have a concrete answer? Anyone know what is causing this and more importantly, what can be done to fix it?!



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  • the 1st time try chmod 777 on /wp-content
    after that chmod 755 should work

    Hey Samboll,

    Apologies, I am a newbie on SSH (normally a Windoze man for my sins! but I am slowly converting ;-). I am using FileZilla to change permissions. I set the permissions on that folder (do I ensure it cascades?) to 777 and I can now upload but I cannot actually see the image in the admin or front-end.

    What I have noticed is that there is no “uploads” folder and even if I manually create one it just puts the media etc into the root of the site anyway. Do I even need it?

    What is so damn annoying as my dev install on WAMP works out of the box!

    Thanks for your help so far, I look forward to try and resolve this once and for all!


    look in
    admin – settings – miscellaneous
    and see what folder you have there
    if necessary, create one under /wp-content and chmod it 777 also and should work

    Yep, it is the default but didn’t exist – created it and it can upload but the same problem as in the other post – I cannot actually see the images in the admin or front end when embedded in pages!?

    So the problem is only part fixed.

    correction! it is sorted now! 😉 WAHOO… thanks samboll, credit to the community.

    LOL – I make a change by checking the “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” box and it breaks again!


    I had this image upload problem.
    Your fix worked straightaway.
    However I read several solutions before it dawned on me exactly what I needed to do.
    This is it;
    1 Use your ftp client to open the folders on your website.
    2 Right click the wp-content folder and open “properties”.
    3 There you will see the chmod 775 setting. Change it to 777.
    4 Do the same to the “uploads” folder.

    I have a security question: Is it really safe to leave these directories in 777? I have seen a lot of WP advice sites that recommend never using 777. However, I can’t get media uploads to work any other way.

    Wow MakeitCount you are a legend!!!!!

    Thank you so much you are the only person I’ve found that posts information so it’s easy to follow.

    Cheers dude

    If chmod 777 is the answer for every wordpress problem then wordpress is one big security hole. Stop telling people to do that!

    OK, I did have this same exact probleme and steps as above. I know many people got this trouble. After a couple tries, I gave up I found this post via Google. Thanks. But not working for me, so here is what I did and now it is working super fine !
    (seems like the installer of WP was missing stuff)

    – login to your ftp
    – make your wp-content folder 755
    – inside wp-content create a new folder called “uploads”, make it 777
    – inside the control admin panel, go to settings>miscellaneous and on the first line enter “wp-content/uploads” as where your uploads will go to.
    Save and go try to ad a new image in a post and it will work superb !

    I had the above suggestions working fine until today, after upgrading WP.
    Now I’m getting same error messages reported here. I noticed that the files I had before were uploaded to a folder 07 (created by WP for July) bearing my username as the owner. But the folder created today (by WP?) for August, show “Apache” as the owner. Does it make a difference?

    I’m noticing the same issue as what ‘vschafer’ has pointed out. I am not the user on the ‘2009’ folder within the uploads folder, ‘Apache’ i, i’m thinking this has something to do with why i can’t upload images!

    Yup, as soon as I let WP create the folders they are owned by ‘Apache” and I cannot upload to them, regardless of CHMOD settings.
    So I created the folder Uploads manually over FTP and chmodded to 0755. Of course then I can not set in Admin the archiving on a Year/Month basis because WP would create a new folder each Year/Month which I cannot upload to.
    So everything is in Uploads; a bit messy but there is the “Unattached” indication in Admin/media.

    Try turning off PHP Safe Mode. That solved it for me.

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