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  • Is there any resolution to the problem of not being able to upload JPG images of a reasonable resolution to a post? The WP site claims up to 64M but my files are much smaller. I have read over the postings but all I got was confused. I’m not a code person and have only just started with WP so don’t know my way around. From what I see this problem has been around for some time. Is there no solution????
    I have tried different browsers (Firefox the most) with the same problem.

    Sort of renders the program useless for me.

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  • Another thing that can affect the uploading of images is the connection speed. If the files are large, the connection can time out before the file is uploaded.

    Unless you are selling digital images from your site, there is usually no reason for files to be much larger than about 250k. I personally try to keep them under 150k. You should try to keep all files as small as possible, especially if you are showing multiple images on a page. Otherwise, many visitors to your site will get tired of waiting for the files to load and leave the site.

    For resizing JPG files, I use the free ‘Resize JPEGs‘ program from RJL Software. I normally resize to a max of 800px wide because most of my sites have a content width of around that.

    Thanks for the suggestions. But the WP program says files up to 64M can be uploaded and I have had files in the 1-2M range rejected. Based on what I’ve read many others have had the same problem.
    My digital images are maps that would benefit from a higher resolution.
    You can check out my site at:
    I only have one image per post and my internet connection is high speed so I don’t see that as a problem. I think the problem is at the WP end has been there for some time. I find it odd they haven’t addressed it.

    Any help you can offer is much appreciated because I’ll have to drop the blog if there is no resolution (no pun intended!).

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    What is the actual error message you are seeing when the images are not uploaded?

    I just tried to upload a 2M file. As it approached 98% completion I get the following message:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20160 bytes) in /home/ptol7865/public_html/antiquemaps/wp-includes/media.php on line 258

    And that’s the end of the story.

    I am using WP 3.2.2 and Firefox

    Thanks for your interest.

    Where do you see the 64M figure?

    SCRATCH >>The error message seems to indicate a 6M limit (but a bit strange that is not enough).<<

    EDIT: Scratch that – poor eyesight!

    From the upload page:

    You are using the multi-file uploader. Problems? Try the browser uploader instead.
    Maximum upload file size: 64MB. After a file has been uploaded, you can add titles and descriptions

    I thought 64M a bit much but that’s what it says. I “think” I’ve tried the browser method with the same results. I would think even 6M would be enough unless the files are expanded somehow in transmission.

    Correction: tried the browser method again and it, too, only works with smaller files. There seems to be a problem since, with the large file, it starts waiting for my ESP to kick in: “Waiting for ….” And nothing happens.

    So maybe there’s problem at my end. I’ll check with my ESP tomorrow.

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    This is not due to the file size limit, but the amount of server memory available to WordPress is not enough. Try increasing that using this: or ask your hosting company how to increase the amount of available memory.

    I willing to try it but have no idea how or where to do it. I have never touched the code and know zilch about coding. Where can I discover about this?
    Thanks again

    I am also having this issue. Increasing server memory using wp-config allows us to use the browser uploader, but the new uploader still doesn’t work. Suggestions?

    Davetwo, do you know how to edit the wp-config.php file? That’s where you would add the code that cubecolour linked to.

    I can’t even find the wp-config.php file let alone edit it. So I guess that lets me out until help arrives from somewhere.

    One suggestion was to contact my host so I may try that tomorrow.

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    You need to connect to your site files using an FTP app such as FileZilla to dwnload the wp-config.php. Then edit it in a text editor such as notepad then upload the edited version.

    Alternatively your hosting control panel #may# have a file explorer facility which allows you to browse & edit your site files.

    I looked for the file but couldn’t find it. Can you give me the path? There are so many nooks and crannies to look in I probably just missed it.
    Will I find code in the file that matches the suggested changes and just change the numbers or do I have to create it? If so, where?
    Remember you’re dealing with a code virgin here.

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    By default it will be will be at the root of your site – ie at the same level as the wp-content & wp-admin folders. It can be moved up a level but unless you have moved it or someone else has it will be in the original location.

    Found it. Don’t see how I could have missed it! Will take a crack at it later when I have the time. Have to get to the lawn!

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