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  • Passing over the various idiosyncracies of the interface, which I accommodated myself to, I think I’ve come up against it with an 18 Meg upload. It always times out with a 504 page, but the image is there. However, the smaller images, including the thumbnail, are not created. ( These don’t seem to be mentioned anywhere, and it took me a while to realize that they were there, but now I rely on them. ) Since the thumbnail is not produced and stored, it takes several minutes for wordpress to produce it on the Media page. I don’t know why this is happening, but I assume it’s some kind of timing issue. This large image is useless without being able to use a smaller image to represent it in a post, so what recourse do I have?

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  • Well, I reduced the image from 18 Meg to 3 Meg with, without any apparent degradation, I might add, but I get the same result! To see it, I have to edit a post, request an upload/insert, specify the Media Library, then click “show” on the image. ( This was a step that eluded me for some time, earlier on. ) Then the options for Thumbnail, Medium, Large, Fullsize appear, with sizes specified. Now I’m getting dead buttons and blank specifications for everything but Fullsize, which shows 0x0. This for the 3 Meg as well as the 18 Meg. Why all of sudden? This was working!



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    18M images? Seriously? You’re almost certainly hitting a PHP memory issue. Processing images in incredibly memory intensive. What happens if you upload a 1M image? Or a 200K image?

    These are panoramas made from Mars Curiosity images and they can end up being 40 Meg or more. You have a point, though, because they are much larger than the sum of the component sizes, where you’d expect them to be less due to overlap. PTgui has a “quality” adjustment for the output which defaults to 100%, and this accounts for the hugosity. As I mentioned, I used to reduce the jpeg quality, but I actually think there is something about the format which is tripping up the “crunch” phase becaused the images are there, but no thumbnail or other sizes. ( BTW, it’s a 500 not 504 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR, “Please contact the server administrator” it says )… Well, I just tried reducing the quality of a 3.25 MB, 2 image panorama, which had uploaded OK. With 75% specified in PTgui it reduced to 495KB, and still uploads OK, so that leaves as the problem. I’ll see if I can bring my bad actor under control using the PTgui adjustment. Right now I have it cobbled up with a “hand built” thumbnail and some html editing.

    Thanks for your reply!

    It’s not that’s the problem. It’s the file size of the image. PHP’s memory allocation doesn’t let you process images with large file sizes unless you bump up the allowed memory to huge (and I mean huge) levels. The reason that the 495KB image worked is because it’s not htting the momory limit when it’s processed, where the larger images do hit the limit. It’s your sever configuration that’s controlling that.

    I don’t think that there’s going to be anything that you can do to allow processing of 40MB files as that’s a huge strain on your server. Depending on how big you want the processed files to be there is a way around it though.

    1. Use paint or which ever other application you have to resize the image file to just above the maximum pixels that you are processing it down to. Check thumbnail size, medium size, etc.
    2. Make sure that this new file has the same file name as your original image file (this is importnat).
    3. Upload the new resized image to your site and let it do the processing as it normally does.
    4. Use FTP to transfer the original file to your sites file system and over-write the file with the same name on your server.

    This will take a little while to master, but when you get used to it, you’ll be able to have the huge images up there as well.

    OK, I finally see. It’s not the byte size of the jpeg compressed file that matters, but the pixel size of the expanded image, so by reducing the jpeg “quality” I gained nothing. I guess it has to re-expand it to make the pixel-reduced images.

    I thought I had done some big ones before, but the large byte size of the 100% quality panoramas was keeping me in bounds for the pixel size. My largest one on there seems to be a 9 Meg, 9281×3529 = 32752649 . My problem came with the ( quality reduced ) 3 Meg, 6401×5927 = 37938727, which is larger when expanded.

    So, I think it’s reasonable to think I’ve had the same limitation all along, but just crossed the line. Maybe I will try your suggestion of reducing the expanded image size to allow the processing to succeed.


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