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  • I have a network of sites created that I use for a Public High School to update school events. I have a main site and then subdirectories for Band, Drama, Newspaper, and Guidance.

    I uploaded a large pdf file a few days ago and an hour later the admin of the Band site tried uploading a video and got an error message, “(Name of File)” has failed to upload due to an error. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

    At the time, I was at WordPress 3.1 so I updated to 3.1.1. No luck. Then I had quite a few updates for the plugins and one for a theme, so I preformed all the updates. Still no luck.

    These network of sites were created back in November and have been working fine for a while. I don’t think the htaccess file would have caused this problem, but the site is housed on a School District central server. I can ftp to the site, but I can’t upload any file type to the wordpress page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Sorry forgot to mention that now none of the users (even myself) can upload any file type to any of the sites. Any user gets the same error message as “(File_Name)” has failed to upload due to an error. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

    I also failed to mention that I have changed and reconfigured the Network Admin settings for uploading files. No luck there either. I think it might stem from the network user trying to upload a file, but what can I do to reset the upload settings?

    See this post [resolved] SVG upload not allowed??

    It helped me upload silverlight xap files. HTH

    Katinka Hesselink


    It turns out that in the central admin area (currently called ‘network admin) there’s an option to decide what types of files people can upload. The default list is different from the default wordpress list. For instance, doc and xdoc are missing.
    Just adding the file types you need to allow should do it.

    For instance, my list of allowed file types now looks like this:
    jpg jpeg png gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid pdf doc xdoc

    i can’t find anything anywhere in the admin dashboard area thing.

    nothing under settings… is there some hidden admin area?


    I’ve looked under all of those even the ones that didn’t make any sense and can’t find anything that lets me set what file times to allow.

    starting to think it’d be faster to just search through the source code and find where it does the check and hack that out.

    yep hacking was faster.

    edited wp-includes/functions.php added the filetype i wanted under the get_allowed_mime_types() function.

    downside is i’ll probably have to re-hack every time i update wordpress… so a legitimate way of adding supported filetypes would be awesome. but i didn’t see anything anywhere in any of the admin tools that would let me do that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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