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  • Hi,

    I currently run 2 WordPress Sites through one account at
    Both WP sites are in subdirectories in my home directory.

    Whenever I try to add a new header image or upload any image at all, I get nothing but a blue question mark in a box. My media area will allow me to edit the photo, but it cannot be seen after that time. I went to check permissions and what I found was that upon uploading a new image, the site is creating a wp-content folder with the uploads in my home directory, rather than in my wordpress directory.

    So, logging in with FTP to the home directory, it looks like:
    wp-content folder

    The wp-content folder for my site is already inside the site, but there are no uploads there, nor can I figure out how to direct the site to create uploads in it’s actual wp-content folder. Every time I delete the wp-content folder from the home directory and try to upload an image, the site just recreates it there (with perfect permissions, btw).

    I’m not sure if this is a problem with the WP or with the hosting. Any ideas?

    In WP, my general settings say:
    WordPress Address (URL):
    Site Address (URL):

    In my 1and1 directory:
    Domain name:
    My destination: Home Directory/mysite

    I am sure this is probably a pretty easy fix and I am somehow just missing something easy…

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  • Whoot whoot! I actually just figured this out, and it was a very easy solution.

    I’ll share just in case anyone else finds themselves overrun with too much coffee…LOL.

    In Admin > Settings > Media > Uploading Files

    Change Store Uploads In This Folder to the correct folder….

    Sigh. So simple after so much work. ;-(

    Thank you, Bexgroebner!

    I have no idea how that field got changed on my client’s site, but it did and was doubling his domain name & making the media image url broken. I appreciate that you came back to share your solution!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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