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    Hey guys

    I just updated and my media tab is all crazy looking.

    – For your own profile, upload tab is completely messed up.
    – For your own profile, Photos don’t show up, and Albums thumbnail is distorted
    – When viewing someone else’s profile, their photos don’t show up
    – When viewing someone else’s profile, their Album is distorted

    Also…if you click on someone’s Album…it doesn’t show their pictures unless you click on Show More…

    You can view my site at:

    Login with:

    I am willing to pay a fair price for getting this working properly…this plugin functions almost perfectly.

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  • Also – Upload tab completely messes up theme layout. I can do without this tab if they can upload cleanly from their other tabs.

    Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla



    What is happening on the site is pretty weird. What happens if you enable the default BuddyPress theme?


    if i disable all of my custom css…it’s messed up.

    if i just revert to the buddypress theme…it’s also messed up.

    this plugin could be amazing if it were just a bit more flexible and functioned properly.

    I just deleted the plugin…it’s just completely messed up.

    When I delete it, it screws up my buddypress-core file and gives me a php error code on all of my BuddyPress pages!

    Plllllease can we at least get this working? I guess I can hide it with CSS for now…but it bums me out big time that I’m not able to just simply delete this now.

    Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla



    It cannot mess with the BuddyPress core files and cannot give errors once deleted. It’s a plugin, it just plugs in and plugs out.

    Now, as far as issues with your site are concerned, none of the users have reported anything like this till date. Also, you might have a look at and see how it does work nicely.

    Now, from what I see, your theme behaves more like a plugin and if I’m not wrong, it is a modification of the Geo Places by Templatic. The mix that you’re trying to acheive on the site can go wrong in many ways. Would you have a coder have a look at your site? Or at least send me some temporary admin credentials on saurabh dot shukla at rtcamp dot com. From what I’ve said before, this behaviour is very strange and even we’re very curious to know what is causing this, so we can block the culprit in future versions.

    I’m sure we can help each other and the community out.


    Hmmm…I hid the tab as well, and it’s giving me php errors.

    Very very scary haha…as I’ve done A LOT of work to this site.

    For some strange reason though…if I disable or delete the plugin, it gives me an error in the bp-core/buddypress-core-template/php file on line 823. Thankfully my layout came back after I reinstalled the plugin. Now, if we could just get this thing working haha.

    Also, the Upload page is all crazy…it looks like the “upload” div class is being applied to my “body”

    To me understanding the “upload” and “upload.hover” classes are meant for a button and not the body. That probably answers why that page looks all crazy.

    I know my way around css very well, but some of this php is over my head.

    I’m emailing you login info now.

    Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla



    Just found the problem.

    You see, the plugin now uses the WordPress Settings for the number of media items to show. For some reason, this remains blank, even after repeatedly trying to save it. So, the plugin loads no media items by default! This could be caused by another plugin or your theme. You could test it by disabling one of them. Whichever is causing this behaviour is a bad bad product. Get rid of it, in general.

    Here’s what I’m talking about:

    We have recently added this to our roadmap. Latest by Wednesday, we are going to release 2.6 which will have Privacy Settings and another setting to independently control the number of media items to show. This will solve the problem you are having with BuddyPress Media. However, like I’ve said, whatever is not letting you save the number of posts to show is not a good idea.

    If it doesn’t inconvenience you much, you could wait till then.


    Okay…so are you saying that the update coming out by Wednesday will fix my issues?

    Also, what can we do about the button class being added to the body?

    And lastly…if I just decide to not use this plugin, how can I simply just delete it? I know you claim it doesn’t do anything to BP Core files…but when I deactivate or delete this plugin, it screws up my entire site 🙁

    Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla


    The update will fix the issue where no media is loaded by default.

    As for the second, because the page is called upload, even in the url, BuddyPress adds the class upload to the body. This is true for any addition that is done to BuddyPress. Stands true for Images, Videos, Audio and Albums, as well.

    A smart theme or plugin designer would use specificity. It’s very simple. The selector for the button should just say button.upload or something like that. Otherwise with the current selector your site uses (.upload) anything with the class upload will be affected. That, anybody will tell you, is a bad idea.

    We can only fix this by calling our upload page something else like rtUpload or bpm-upload. But that’ll give us ugly urls and the tabs will be named weirdly. So, this we won’t change. Kindly ask the theme developers to use more specificity.

    Lastly, if you don’t want to use the plugin, you can just disable it first and simply delete it. To delete the media added, you just need to go to the default WordPress media gallery and delete them.


    sweet…so I’ve fixed the Upload page by renaming the css selector for that button. thank you so much for the lead on that 🙂

    I’m hoping the update fixes the upload issue! Can’t wait 🙂

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