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  1. jayr209
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hello forum,

    i was just wondering what the best (performance & storage wise) solution regarding sharing images within my multisite installation would be. i built a multilingual website structured like this:

    asfd.com --> only redirects user to /en or /es depending on browser language

    so of course my english and spanish website use the same theme and e.g. same logo. therefore my question is if it makes sense to:

    a) create an individual folder in my webspace to centralize...
    b) only upload into the media library of one of my sub-blogs but link images to both for..
    c) simply upload to both media libraries and have redundant data for...

    ... images i m using on both the /en and /es pages.

    thanks for any hints in advance ;)

  2. I'd probably do b, but I'm lazy ;)

    Option B lets you use WP to upload, and gives you a URL you'll know really easily and not have to fuss with FTP

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