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  • Hi everyone,

    I am putting together a variation on the the Simple Themes “Skeleton” theme which is a reactive design theme.

    My question surrounds the nav menu.

    As I shrink my browser window the site, so-far reacts as I’d like but the menu situation is not acceptable. This is partially my fault. Instead of using the menu design that comes with “Skeleton” I’ve decided to us the uber-menu pluggin from code canyon. The menu resizes fine as the viewport gets smaller but at less than 700px across I’m not happy with the accessibility of the menu.

    I was thinking that an accordion menu might be more friendly to the smaller viewport sizes due to its vertical orientation but I’m unsure about how to write a media query that would allow my site to load different css and an accompanying jquery file (that would run the replacement accordion menu) when the viewport is below 700px.

    Sorry that I don’t have any code to share at this point. If someone could point me in the way of a tutorial or provide some example code of the type of operation I’m trying to perform I think I can work it out from there. Thanks for your help and its good to be member of the community.



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