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  • Hi,

    I have updated the website at work to WP 5.5, after this the Media folder was empty, the files are still there and the permissions are in order. I updated PHP to 7.4 after this but no dice.
    After that I checked the plugins and the theme and brought those up to date as far as updates were available.
    I have been reading everything I could find but am at a loss right now.
    One more info I cant stop and restart all the plugins running because they run a web of calendars (was already this way when I started here) and restarting them would mean I have to mail a few hundred ppl to put in their entries for the next year again, so thats not an option tbh.

    Is there something I am missing?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi There!

    I suspect it’s related to the removal of jquery-migrate by default from WordPress 5.5, so plugins relating to deprecated jQuery APIs can break with WordPress 5.5.

    jQuery Migrate, a tool which WordPress has bundled, and enabled by default, for many years, has now been turned off by default. This is a tool intended to help developers in a transitional period when jQuery (a framework for writing JavaScript code) was upgraded and removed some features.

    In the time since it was created, the jQuery project has received many updates, and as WordPress prepares to make the transition to updating as well, this was a required first step to make sure plugins and themes are up to date.

    There is a jQuery Migrate Helper plugin, which will re-enable the migration tool, and provide you with information about what plugin or theme might be misbehaving.

    I hope this helps.

    Well it kinda does and it kinda doesn’t.

    First thanks for the reply, but I am not certain what the JQuery Migrate plugin does exactly and how it should/could help here?

    All the descriptions I found of this only point to issues with old code in plugins or themes and subsequent display errors on the frontend.

    btw I tried to run a Health Check just now and only get a blank page when selecting it in the backend. So this seems to impact more then one thing.

    The other thing is I dont have a backup or the option of making one right now, if I install the suggested plugin and it goes wrong I am screwed.
    Because I found a lot of references to this plugin in my search for a solution, but not entirely sure what it does, hence my reluctance to just install it and hope it works.


    @morros You shouldn’t be afraid of installing the jQuery Migrate plugin, it does nothing more than restoring a script that was already there on previous WordPress versions.

    What that script does is provide jQuery APIs that were deprecated by the jQuery team. Some existing WordPress Plugins and themes used to rely on these deprecated APIs, so when they don’t find them, they break.

    Okay I installed the Enable jQuerry Migrate plugin now and nothing changed.
    All the same problems as before.

    I guess it’s unrelated then.

    You might want to read this post which contains a lot of information about common issues on WordPress 5.5 and how to debug them.

    You can read there about the “Health Check” plugin which allows you to disable plugins and switch themes in the WP-Admin but without affecting the frontend of your site. With this, you’ll be able to see if there’s a potential conflicting plugin.

    Mh well, I read all that earlier before posting and couldn’t find anything related to my problem so far.
    regarding the Health Check I had that running anyway but wince the update I only get a blank page when I try to run it. No error just a white page and thats it.

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    Adding: There are multiple parts of the Admin interface that just don’t work.
    The media Page, the selfheal page the Health check just to name the ones I would have needed so far.
    Anyone any ideas left? The only thing I can see now is to make a virtual server and try to replicate the error and then well go through it there.
    But I first would have to recreate the error there.

    I don’t have any ideas left but you can try to debug the issue. When you say “don’t work” what do you mean? Do you have a blank page? Do you have any error? If it’s a blank page, you can open your browser’s console and you’ll see errors there, report them here (screenshot/content of the error) to get more eyes on the errors.

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