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  • Since December 21 – which may have been when I upgraded to v3.1.5 – I have lost some functionality in my Media upload window and when trying to use the Edit Media function. These issues persist with all plugins deactivated – and even after upgrading this morning to v3.1.6 (for which, merci beaucoup, @nikeo). I’m using the latest version of WP and running offline in a MAMP environment.

    Here’s a screen grab of my Media library window, showing that the preview images stopped displaying on Dec 21.

    And here’s a screen grab of the Edit Media window – which wrongly states that the media doesn’t exist.

    Also missing from both windows are the image dimensions (which are still correctly shown for all images uploaded before December 21).

    Notwithstanding this inconvenience, I am still able to place newly uploaded images on my pages and sliders and they display correctly when I preview the pages in my browser.

    The only CustomizIt Images Option I have enabled is Enable/disable lightbox effect on images.

    Is this a known bug? I would be grateful to know if there is a cure. TIA.

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  • Hi @chappie, Can you try to disable the retina support option in customiz’it > images, and see what you get.

    Looking forward to reading your feedback on this.

    Hi @nikeo – thanks for replying. I disabled that option right after the 3.1.5 upgrade as it seemed to be causing problems for me. The only Images option I have enabled is Enable/disable lightbox effect on images – and that’s not the cause of my problem.

    I should add that I activated the Parent theme to rule out any issues with my Child theme – but the problem was still there.

    If I were to download and install an earlier release for testing purposes, would it overwrite anything or would it sit in my Dashboard as a new theme?

    As long as you have the full folders below themes/customizr then you should be able to swap them in & out.

    I’ve got my own backups going back to 3.0.5 so let me know which one(s) you want to try and I’ll email you.

    Obviously, code has changed between versions so you’ll have to abandon latest child theme and try to recreate problems in the core Theme.

    Thanks Dave. I’ve got 3.0.13 which I think was the last official release before 3.1.5 so I will try it. Presumably I could just rename my current Customizr and Customizr Child folders – or do I need to physically move them? It makes me nervous…

    Unfortunately, I’ve been without email for a couple of days while my domain has been in transit from one place to another.

    Renaming would work, as long as you setup customizr/customizr-child folders to replace them. Then rename back when you’ve finished.

    All the old versions are here.

    I’ve been having no luck with this but I think ElectricFeet has now experienced the same issue here.

    I too can get my new image uploads to display correctly by switching over to any of the 2012, 2013 or 2014 themes. Switching back to Customizr preserves those newly uploaded image previews but still won’t display new uploads from within Customizr.

    Maybe I didn’t explain well enough there: but what I found is that new uploads did work with Customizr.

    tl;dr: Something screwed things up; I don’t know what it was; once images are restored, I can’t get it to screw up any more.

    That thread was closed, but I opened a new one here:

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