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  • I have this idea.. but I can’t write plugins to save my life so I thought I’d share it to see if anyone would be able to write it.

    In livejournal etc, you can add a current music field, and current mood. And before you say you can do this through custom fields in WP, read my whole idea! So yea, it is possible, but I have to keep remembering to add the fields and stuff, and I’m just too lazy. So my idea is you could add some script which would let you input the current music/mood and it would do the custom field bit automatically – one of those javascript entry fields could pop up as you click on the write post page, you just input the music you’re listening to, and your mood, and away you go!

    Anyone got any ideas on how to write something like that?

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  • Would simply being able to drop in tags like this:

    <!–music:Harvey Mandel-, Shangrenade–>

    At the head of the post be sufficient? It wouldn’t be particularly efficient, but the plugin could strip those out and provide you with th enecessary “hooks” to include into your template.

    You are better off adding two custom fields, and using them when you want to, and then updating your single.php to display those custom fields when they exist. Gives you a lot more control over how and when to show the information, and it’s core WP functionality that already exists.


    Or you could just look over the already existing plugins out there:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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