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  • When posting media on our blog When we upload the photos it appears right way up however when we publish it is the wrong way up. I can not see this on my computer as it looks the right way up.

    Why would my computer be able to see it right way up but other computers can not?

    How do I fix this because it looks really bad when we send out social media and the photo is not the right way up.

    It is not as simple as just turning them all around to be the wrong way up this sometimes works other times it doesnt. This issue has been happening for about 2 weeks.

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  • I would suspect a plugin conflict. Did you try de-activating them?

    There is no new plug ins but I will give that a go now.

    If anyone else on another computer looks at the website the photos are the right way up however on my computer they have to be the wrong way for them to show properly for everyone else. Could there be an issue with my Mac (however this is the only website that has this issue)

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    Were any of the upside down photos taken with a mobile phone camera? Also, this plugin might help.

    Just tried that plug in – it doesnt seem to work it keeps the photo upside down on my computer but it is the right way up on others computers – so it must be something to do with my mac but I just dont know what.

    Just one image displays upside down on my Mac/Safari – and that’s “busy-busy-busy-2014”. Maybe compare that one to the others and see if you can spot any differences. It won’t be a Mac issue, I’m sure.

    It has got to be a mac issue as I have screen shotted the photo the right way up and inserted it this time it loads on its side. Looks right way up in the post editor but when you check on another device it is the wrong way. I have removed the feature photo as that one doesnt want to go the right way.

    It makes is really ares when there is some issue between either the theme or the computer as I dont have any other issues like this on the other websites I run and it only started 2 weeks ago.

    I think they maybe taking the photos upside down as they are coming in email upside down but they said when they check their end it is up the right way……

    I have changed the busy busy busy one again as that was the first one to have the issue – thanks for the pick up on that – on my computer it looks the right way up, I have even used different browsers and they all looked ok.

    That poodle is still upside down for me — and I see that the top one (chloe shopping) is displaying sideways, ie rotated 90 degrees…

    Have you tried loading a different theme to see if the problem goes away?

    Try to think back to any updates or new software you installed 2 weeks ago. If that was when you updated your Customizr theme, or any plugin, that would be the key.

    Another check would be to revert temporarily to an earlier revision of your site, say 3 weeks ago, by clicking on a version in the list at the bottom of your page editor window.

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    Did you upload the pictures using the standard WordPress media uploader or through some other method?

    it has got to be the theme as I have disabled all the plug ins and still the same issue, have loaded the recommended plug in. The only issue is we purchased this theme as it is the one the clients likes and there is a lot of formatting of pages etc so to change the theme would be huge.

    See now when these are checked on the PC they are the right way up however in the back end they are side ways and upside down, but they have to be that way to show correctly on a pc and iPhone.

    Grr really disappointing this is!!

    Yeap straight through media uploader. Have tried uploading the photo taking a screen shot of the photo and uploading that.

    It is really hard because what ever you see in the back end (admin is not what is appearing on the site.)

    Just looking at new themes at the moment

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