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  • Looking for though feedback for this new WP port of an older site.

    In particular, ideas on how to implement viewing .swf (flash) movie files, sort of vblog feature (right now it is not ported yet). Found 2 plugins, but not satisfactory implementation yet.

    Sorry but for the pictures I went outside WP to pixelpost, easy and very fast pict serving.

    Also I’m now trying to solve IE css issues (how the hell that [if IE6] thing works – any clue? I sow it in some template.)

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  • The lack of color bores me… and if you’re going to use images, you should at least wrap the text around them. I’m not sure what you mean about going to pixelpost for whatever reason – the image uploading tool in wordpress works great, and stores the images for you right on the same server, so there’s no reason for “speed” issues.

    My fault. I didn’t mean pictures within the blog’s entries, but a whole photoblog with all the related niceties that usually came with it. You can have a look at what I’ve got following this link:

    Can I do the same in WP?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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