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  • Hi. When I did the latest upgrade from 3.5.1 to 3.5.2, the install failed. I found other people that had the same problem with some files with 0 bytes so they had to manually download 3.5.2 to their computer then copy the non-zero byte files from their computer into their wordpress installation on the server. That worked for me and wordpress works, EXCEPT that I no longer can use the Media Loader. When I press the button nothing happens. Can someone please tell me if there are some files I need to update in order to get the Media Loader to work again? Thanks.

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  • hi,
    you can try re-uploading the complete folders except wp-content folder.


    Try deactivating ALL plugins and switching to the default (twentytwelve) theme.

    I tried re-uploading the complete folders except wp-content. It did not work.

    I do not know why deactivating all plugins and switching to the twentytwelve theme would work. Could you please explain?

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    Sometimes problems are due to themes and plugins.

    Which version of adobe flash you are using ?? If its older than 11.7 update your Adobe Flash to the latest version (esp you Linux users!): Flash. Once you are done with Adobe flash upgrading rebuild the permalinks and check again,
    I would also like to suggest you to update web browsers to latest versions. You can validate the latest versions here .
    Let me know if it doesn’t solves your problem.

    I checked and I am running the current version 11,7,700,225. I am running windows xp. I am using Chrome. I checked and my Chrome is also up to date. So everything is up to date before I had the problem.

    I did start turning off some of my plugins. I’m hesitant to turn them all off as I do not know if I have to re-enter passwords, etc to get them running again.

    What theme and what plugins are you using? Why do you not know any passwords needed? Are you not the admin of the site?

    You could try checking for JS errors:

    From your link I found out that the latest version of Chrome + latest version of Adobe Flash do not work properly together. I tried using Firefox and the media button works. So I think a patch needs to be made for Chrome.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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