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  1. Elecdancegen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey all, it seems that my sites media library has a problem with case sensitive (Capital Letters) directory's. This is the first time it has done something like this from around half a year of the site being uploaded.

    I use the plugin "add-from-server" to add mp3s. Mp3 links now get a 404 page. It is because a file will be like this:


    When the original starts with lowercase letters like this:


    Only about 5 mp3s I have uploaded last month work regardless of the capital letters. I tried to save permalinks and change and then re-save like I had it. I tried importing a wordpress save file I made last night, no luck.

    The only thing I can do now is go into FTP and manually copy the capital letter files in the Media Library to the mp3 file names int he wp-content/uploads folder. It shouldnt be like this :( something is wrong but I dont know why its like this. It shouldnt matter if the links have a capital letter vs. a lowercased one.

    Any ideas? Hope I worded everything right and nothing is confusing.

    site is http://www.electronicdancegenerator.com

    Other nit-picky info:
    I havent updated any plugins recently.

  2. Elecdancegen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Some files dont have all words starting with a capital letter too so it could say DJ-Airecho-lunar-eclipse.mp3

    Im just trying to figure out how this happened. What could have changed the behavior when all my uploads in the first place pretty much had all lowercase.

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