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  • SherylHohman


    Pro Version pre-sales question

    Is there a reason why we cannot Sort the Media Library by filename? Or Image Path?
    Is this something that might be added in the future?
    Also, I do not remember if filename and/or path can be used for filtering.

    It’s great that filename can be inline edited? And that the main details (description, alt text, etc) can be bulk edited and also can be inline edited.
    To do so efficiently, I need to sort by filename in some cases, and by path in other cases. (Also by file size, and other means, which are already supported).

    If we use other plugins for organizing our images via nested folders with custom folder names (I still have year/month, but under that images are organized by topic), does inline and bulk editing of alt-text, description, filename, etc still work?
    In my case I’m referring to actual nested folders on disk. Some plugins have a database for image organization, but all the actual folders on the disk are year/month of upload only. I created folders on the server, then imported images from those folders into the Media Library in place.

    Perhaps I should clarify, the mention of 3rd party plugins should not directly affect this plugin. It’s only affect is that they allow me to put images in any folder name I want, and any directory tree structure I want, and still be part of the Media Library.
    How it relates in my case is will it recursively look at all folders in the uploads directory, and will it have any issues sorting by path, or renaming an image, or finding all files, or sorting by date, in this case?

    -thanks for the info.
    I’ve used the free version for a while. It’s great.
    It’s pricey for me, but it may help me in my next step of my project: clean out, and revamp the Media Library, and uploads folder of images.

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