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  • I’m working on my Dad’s website and he has uploaded hundreds and hundreds of images, all at the original SOOC size. HUNDREDS.

    So his site is super duper slow because it has all of these gargantuan images.

    I have a workflow to resize all of the images in Photoshop and optimize them for web view, and then I can do a replacement by FTP to the appropriate locations.

    The issue is getting the Media Library to recognize the new files, so that it doesn’t continue to load the 1542 × 2306 file that I’ve replaced with a manageable 450 x 600 file. (And where is it keeping that giant file, anyway, once I’ve replaced it?!)

    Is there a reasonable way to do this in bulk or batches, either using MySql or with a plugin I haven’t been able to find?

    I have installed “Enable Media Replace” (, which will be great going forward, but it only does one file at a time. ( is also great, but doesn’t change the actual dimensions of the image.

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  • More work has yielded a little bit more information, but not a solution yet.

    When I replace all of the images with the new files with FTP, resized appropriately, and empty the cache on my browser, the images behave as expected within posts and pages, and the new smaller file pops up when clicked rather than a cached version of the giant image.

    However, the Media Library is still looking for the giant file, because it has stored the dimensions in the database. So on the “Edit Media” page in the dashboard, the image is replaced with a broken icon. Same with the “View Attachment Page” – broken icon – even though the file does exist with that exact file name on the server, WordPress can’t find it to serve it up.

    Clicking “Edit Image” from the “Edit Media” page does bring up the new file, and if I edit it there, the database records the new dimensions and everything is rosy. Same if I use “Enable Media Replace,” and point to the new smaller file.

    But I have 689 images to deal with, so going in to every single individual entry in the Media Library just isn’t feasible.

    Any suggestions, folks? Please?? There has to be a MySql query or something that I can do to blank out the dimensions, right? But I’m not all that versed in MySql, so I don’t want to poke around and end up destroying something inadvertently.

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