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  • Feature Request: Please add an option (perhaps in Settings/Media) to make the Media Library show the full image even if it’s not square, instead of cropping everything to square. This is primarily an issue in grid view.

    There are a lot of reasons why some of us (perhaps many or even most) don’t like the images shown cropped to square – here are three: (1) the full content is not visible, (2) searching for items you know are a certain aspect ratio is much more difficult, (3) multiple images that are the same in the center but cropped differently (or extended with additional background to make a certain shape) look identical.

    I would be perfectly happy if the CSS was simply changed to always showed the full image, but I suppose some people might be used to the squares (although I don’t see what advantage that would have other than looking neat in the grid), so I’m suggesting a setting to allow the user to choose.

    Currently I’m using a workaround on some of my sites – I installed the “Add Admin CSS” plugin and added this CSS:

    .wp-core-ui .attachment .portrait img { max-height: 100%; }
    .wp-core-ui .attachment .landscape img { max-width: 100%; }

    But it would be better if WordPress could do this natively.

    [P.S. This has been asked before: Hopefully the author of that post @raoulunger will find this post, so he can see if it gets implemented and also see my workaround.]

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  • You can create a ticket, you know. Or there might be one already, where you can put your CSS and a screenshot as a suggestion.

    The developers don’t read this forum, but they do read tickets.

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    You can create a ticket, you know.

    No, I didn’t know. I will create a ticket – thanks for pointing it out.

    The developers don’t read this forum…

    In that case, with a name like “Requests and Feedback”, what is this forum’s purpose, or who does read it? (It’s my first time posting here.)

    I don’t have a way to determine who reads what forums. The forums have evolved over time, and some were renamed. There are a lot of posts that are put in the wrong forums.
    I just know that the developers barely look at the topics that we bring to their attention. They don’t have time to read the forums, which are for support, and they don’t do support.

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