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  • I moved my blog today from to

    I moved it by moving the database + all files etc., and have done this MANY times (as a web developer I’ve moved hundreds of sites, changing domain name, and never had a problem!)

    However, now that I have moved it, the media library isn’t working. It displays errors on upload. I found advice to change to 777 and change back; I used WP advice and changed it to 775 (current).

    Now it uploads the images but it doesn’t crunch them properly. I can only display full size, it’s not generating the other sizes. It errors on every upload (but the files wind up there). Safari isn’t showing the files that aren’t crunched, but Chrome is. (Weird??)

    I know it’s a very weird theme appearance, but the media library works properly on the old domain, same version of everything. There is one new post on the new domain which illustrates the problem – the slider takes thumbnail and is displaying a huge picture! Etc.

    Why would this have changed with moving domains? It’s the same exact server AND FTP user.

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  • Bump, can someone please help? I’ve used CSS to deal with the fact that they aren’t crunching, but it’s ridiculous to load a 2MB image for each thumbnail displayed. I’ve tried making everything 777 (which is stupid to require) and it doesn’t help.

    They are uploading, but not crunching. It’s an installation that was working fine before moving and the old location still works fine.

    Have you tried deactivating your plugins and switching to the default WP theme?

    Yes, and it’s also ridiculous because I literally moved the site – the old location still works with the exact same plugins/theme setup. The exact same. Nothing’s been upgraded since the move (on the 8th) on either location, and they’re on the same server with same FTP user.

    Have you asked DreamHost?

    Yes and they can’t see anything wrong. I’ve put in another ticket for them to take another look, but it would be so strange to be a server error since I have hundreds of WP sites on the same server with them which are all working, beyond the one that this was cloned from.

    Hello, I am trying to insert images into a post on my blog and I could not upload it. In fact, it changed the appearance of the Multimedia Library. What happened?



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