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  1. kmbnks
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I recently came across a problem with the media library and how it handles image data and was wondering if someone could advise so I can explain to the client. This problem is two part...

    1. you have the option to add images via the page/post editor or directly uploading to the media library. the fields that are offered in the media library screen vs the image edit screen are not the same... you cannot specify the title tag in the media library only via direct image editing... this presents a problem when bulk updating a large library

    2. when you do edit info within the media library it doesn't seem to auto-update the image that is already in the post/page... we tested and the only way we could get the metadata to update was to delete the photo and reinsert... again a problem if you are updating a large number of images

    Can anyone provide some further info on this? I've searched online for solutions but haven't found anything. My client has a large travel site with multiple images/slideshows for each page/post and we are just getting started setting up the content but have already had to delete all the images because of the above issues.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. If this is an oversight in WordPress perhaps it could be added to a future update, especially the missing title tag in the library.

  2. kmbnks
    Posted 2 years ago #

    any chance someone else has come across this? was hoping for some suggestions

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