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    I am now running 3.9, but the problem started under 3.8.3 – I had hoped upgrading would fix it but no luck.

    Issue: When editing a post and clicking ‘add media’ trying to use existing media from the Media Library simply makes ajax calls to admin-ajax.php over and over, but doesn’t load the images from the media library.

    I have a live site and a development site, I can get both to show the same problem but under different circumstances. Live-site does not load images under normal conditions and under wp-debug=true conditions. Development site loads images under normal conditions, but does not load images under wp-debut=true conditions.

    When watching the console I see the admin-ajax.php file called over and over but it is not loading images. I assume this to be a javascript problem, but I have no java script errors that I can find.

    I have tried deactivating all plugins, and switching back to default themes. Same situations occur under all conditions, strangely enough.

    I am running on GoDaddy cloud servers, and have read there may be issues there with the admin-ajax.php file.

    Previously had the same issue but it went away after clearing a caching plugin – that has not worked this time around.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • Hello!

    Have you found a solution yet mr.jonathanpotter?

    I’m having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy. The media library only loads a few images, but not all of them. And the few it does load takes forever! It’s the same both on my local computer and on the web server.

    I have the same problem. I guess it is the same. WP = 3.9.1. Ajax shows maybe 10% of all images and spins forever without listing other.

    Dont know where to start because there are no JS errors.

    I have tried deactivating WordPress Heartbeat accordning to theese instructions. I added the following code to functions.php. The media library could then load all images but I couldn’t insert the image to the page:

    add_action( 'init', 'stop_heartbeat', 1 );
    function stop_heartbeat() {

    So the problem continues…

    I tried that before and didnt helped.

    Renamed “plugins” folder to give it some sort of default install. Ajax icon stops spinning (pointing to some slight conflict not related to this) but same problem remain.

    Out of 752 images visible in “Media” can see only 120 images in post media insert.

    I use WP E-commerce – i tried deactivating and the media library works. So in my case this seems to be causing the problem. I need to have this plugin active though… so I still need to find a solution.

    Do you use WP e-commerce?

    No, no E-commerce.

    So much i know:

    – Not theme (tried default)
    – Not functions.php (deleted all my custom lines)
    – Not plugin conflict (renamed plugins directory, Akismet and Dolly are not important for this problem)

    So what remains ?

    My website is import from one Joomla site, but all images (752) shows properly in media library main listing. And everything else works without glitch.

    Hm… I see now that my problem is that the images just loads very very slow because of WP e-commerce, but all the images are in fact there… so maybe I have a different problem… tried to install WP super cache and W3 Cache but it didn’t help.

    I did not find an actual solution. For some reason the media library now loads intermittently, but still somewhat slow. Shortly after this problem occurred I began having an IP issue with my ISP, so I wonder if that may have been part of the problem. For now, it has resolved itself to a certain extent.

    In the interim I manually added images and galleries through code and it worked ok, but a bit slower.

    Think my problem is different.

    Some wrong word up there, not “import”, it was Joomla “converting” to WP and went perfectly OK.

    As converting plugin (K2 to WP) automatically named all my images with “k2” in filename i used search function in modal box window and searched for “k2”.

    And guess what ? All images are listed then.

    Still need to fix this problem.

    Small info update:
    – Localhost
    – No trannsfer to another server.

    Dont know what it is. Same localhost servers, another WP 3.9.1 and it works.

    Disabled all activated plugins via phpmyadmin, deleted all in wp_options – activated_plugins. Moved back to default theme and same problem.

    What is different compared to other WP 3.9.1 site ?

    Almost as one, or few, images are corrupted. But Ajax would retreive them even corrupted.

    Browser cache cleared, tested with 2 broesers.

    When I insert media I no longer get the size options, and the caption is 1-letter wide with no image.
    I’m a blogger, not a techie. Sure can’t keep up with all this.

    @brunettemermaid: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic. Your issue is completely different.

    My media library will not load either… with on-page edits – continuous loading spinner and blank white page – also I can’t upload via this modal window either. The main library works fine – can upload, etc. I’ve tested in FF / Chrome / IE. Same issue in all – WP 3.9.1

    That’s exactly what is happening in mine – I thought the problem was an overall site-resource problem, so I also upgraded servers. I have figured out how to get around it in the short-term – you can upload to normal media library, find the link from the “edit” screen there, and then “link to image” in a post. That’s a hassle, though, and on my group blog a lot of the other bloggers can’t figure out how to do that effectively. So I’d really like to figure out what the problem is. I’ve disabled all plugins too …

    Figured it out – for me at least – BWP Google XML Sitemaps was breaking it.

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