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    When you insert a floating image and then align it right or left there is always a problem of putting a separation between the image and the wrapped text. By default there is no margin.
    However you have to manually add the margin in the Advanced Settings tab (when inserting the image). If you add a margin it will add it to the left or right and that would offset the image on the other side of the text away from the column where my content is which I think is a little ugly. To correct this you have to then manually delete the other margin, be it left or right so this doesn’t happen. If you change the alignment of the image to the other side of the column, you have to manually correct the margin. A bit of a nuisance.
    Couldn’t this be done automatically.

    I would really need the feature where you could automatically set a margin, for example 10px to the left OR right depending on which way the image is aligned.

    I would also like a feature where the image would be resized to the dimensions of the column – now I don’t mean where the image is just adjusted through the css or html, I mean the actual image should be resized. Is that possible – could you pass the width of the column to ImageMagik and have a version of the file that would fit your column width perfectly.
    If you adjust it through html/css you will get ugly images, either pixelated if you enlarge them or slightly distorted or just to large, if they are shrunk.

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    By default there is no margin.

    That’s not strictly true. Your current theme may apply a margin via its CSS (a good theme should, anyway). Adding default margin using inline CSS would create major problems for theme developers who may wish to treat inserted images in a number of different way. Adding default margins is really outside the remit of core Media handler. This kind of presentational control should always be carried out by the theme.

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