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    Why is my media library filling up with images ?

    I’ll create a post that has an image which has no image in the post, nor as a featured image, yet has a reference to an image. And the media library sees that as another image that it should keep track of even though that image has already been accounted for somewhere else. Why is WP all of a sudden keeping track of images that it already has a reference for ?

    So to put this in perspective, this is what my media library USED to look like:

    And this is what it looks like NOW:

    Something is seriously frakkin’ wrong. WTF ?!??!?!

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  • @magicmiles

    Thanks for writing to the forums.

    Can you please describe in more detail how the post has a reference to the image?

    I understand it’s not a featured image, but, how is it referenced?
    (for example with html <img .../> tags? or other?…)

    [fvplayer src=”″ width=”880″ height=”480″ controlbar=”yes” splash=””]

    I’m using a mediaplayer plugin that uses shortcodes to call and construct the video, part of the call allows for a splash screen. That splash screen is showing up as the referenced image or in this case the secondary copy of the image. Each one of those grey media icons in the images above is the reference file that I’m talking about. It’s represents a link to a post where a very similar call like the one above is used.


    Hi- Thank you for writing back, with the additional details.

    I’m sorry that at this point, I haven’t been able to reproduce the symptom. I tried to reproduce it in a dev environment using these files, referenced from this shortcode:
    [fvplayer src="" width="880" height="480" controlbar="yes" splash=""]

    The result was that I didn’t see copies of the file nor gray media icons in the Media area.

    I also tried toggling on/off this (Dashboard > Settings > FV Player > Setup tab > Integrations/Compatibility section > Post Thumbnail checkbox) checkbox, and re-adding the shortcode. But still the symptom didn’t manifest itelf.

    Will you post a link to your site, with the link in question?

    Also, would you be able to post links to copies of the files (.mp4 and .jpg) in question?

    These may help others as we try to figure out how to reproduce the symptom!

    Also, have you considered moving this thread to the FV Flowplayer Video Player plugin sub forum, here: , as it may be more visible to the authors/support of this specific plugin?

    (Also, if you do move the thread over to there, then if you post the link to the new thread back here, then we’d be able to follow the conversation over there.)


    Will you start to mark this thread as ‘Resolved’? (including some solution detail)

    Or if there’s still concern, then will you update how it is?

    I figured out what the problem was.

    It was one of the plugins (foliovision – the fvplayer) I am using. One of it’s settings is to create a splashscreen of the page and use that as a image, and then attach it to the post. Uuuuuugh. I turned it off….all set. Sorry to bother.


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    It’s great to hear that you got it working!

    And thank you for having written that additional note regarding the fix!

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