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  • before WP 3.0, whenever I uploaded an image, the file name was displayed on the media library page. Now, if I upload images taken with my Konica Minolta, I get the rather uninformative description “KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA”. I also shoot with a Panasonic FZ8, and there I have no problems.

    1. Could the old behaviour please be reinstated?

    2. If it is not considered desirable to make such change, would you please point me to the place(s) in the code where the detail is grabbed from EXIF/IPTC files. (And maybe explain why it would not be desirable to have the old behaviour.)

    Many thanks.

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  • I’m using WordPress 3.0.5 and the quick hack/fix I’m using is to comment out line 212 in wp-admin/includes/media.php:

    // $title = $image_meta['title'];

    For me, that forced the uploaded image to use the file name. That line is part of an if/else statement that runs when the wp_read_image_metadata function is called on line 210. The function is define in wp-admin/includes/image.php and it’s purpose seems to be to process the EXIF/IPTC metadata as best it can, given the diversity of data that might be available in the file.

    I hate modifying the WP core files to fix an issue, but since I was doing so for my personal site, and not a client’s, I just hacked it for now. If anyone knows a good plug-in for processing image metadata or a non-hacking fix, it’d be great to hear it.


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