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    Am going to be working on site that will have a considerable image library, to begin with target is 30k images, growing to 100k.

    An external supplier of a DAM ( digital asset management ) system mentioned that WordPress media library can fall over with too many assets.

    Anyone come across something similar, or have an idea of how much media WordPress can handle.

    Note, not talking about file sizes here – but the actual number of assets.



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  • Kartik Shukla


    Hello Ian,

    My opinion here would vary from what the external supplier of DAM suggested.

    I think WordPress is capable of managing the n number of assets if managed correctly.

    There are many different ways to managed DAM with WordPress. I have found some reference links which might help you with your decision.


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    Thanks, but not looking to do anything with plugins, think that will just add to the potential performance woes. Looks like both of the articles are generally referencing external SAAS products / integrations.

    Ideally looking for some one with experience of what the vanilla WordPress media library’s upper limit is.

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    @jdembowski Could you move my topic back to the ‘Developing with WordPress’ forum please. This isn’t a support request, but a question pre development.

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    @jdembowski Could you move my topic back to the ‘Developing with WordPress’ forum please. This isn’t a support request, but a question pre development.

    No. This isn’t a Developing with WordPress topic. You’ve a problem and you’re trying to fix it. This is a Fixing WordPress topic.

    If you had code that you needed help with that would make it Developing with WordPress topic You don’t so that is why the topic was moved to the correct place.

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    @jdembowski Is there a breakdown of the forums, all I can see is ‘Developing WordPress’ is for ‘For those looking to do more advanced things with WordPress.’

    And fixing WordPress is ‘For any problems encountered after setting up WordPress.’

    I’m not setting up WordPress, i’m talking about using a lot of media in the library, more than a usual site – which to me would make this an advanced topic.

    But if you feel this is the right forum, ok!

    Ive Same question with near same numbers in our case images, 30k+ for first bulk import then more to 100k+. I have searched high and low and can also find no info anywhere on limits for media library for dumping all these in 1 go in 1 folder. Surely it must create lag in serving them, so im hoping to put into folders (real folders), but again not info on practical size limits for any number of images/files or sizes anywhere to be found. I must have asked 5 people in last 2 days and no one had anything to say other than a couple said, yeah that will slow it down and one said they had 75k images in media library but it did ‘seem’ to effect it. Someone please point us in right direct to read something on this valid, so can work out a best solution for storing lots of images and future proofing it by getting it right to start with.

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    @gabjam Haven’t started to delve into the project yet – but have run some test cases and successfully imported about 120k images into the media library without issue. Actioned first on localhost and then on our preferred host, SiteGround.

    I used WordPress CLI to import quickly and without issue, so is going to be my route forward for importing:

    For testing purposes ended up importing the wp-content/uploads folder in on itself so the generated thumbnails increased the import file count with each run.

    Happy to report back here once I get started on the projects and have a few GB’s imported.

    @ianatkins Thanks – Great to hear 120k images not effecting anything, i guess as you imported it in on itself its all still in the 1 folder/place also. Going to try persevere and get folders sorted i think, and outside the wp-content/uploads, and via a folder plugin for ease visually managing the folders. No idea if we will get there but good to have some indication on quantity of images inside uploads, wonder if anyone will come back with even more and it working well. good luck with project.

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