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  • Hi,
    I’m working with a child theme on Genesis. Child theme has a Download Box which I’m setting up but there’s a weird result that I’ll show in detail to expedite the resolution…if possible.

    Goal: put an .mp3 file and a .pdf file in one Download box. Each file is linked to the source in the Media Library. Theme designer sez this is ok.

    Procedure: In the text/html screen on the Dashboard, I input the Download Box code. Into the code I use the Add Media button to input the .mp3 media url. then some Text to separate the 2 files, then repeat the action with the .pdf file. Update. Preview Page. Looks Great!

    On the Page: Right-clk .mp3, drop-down menu sez: Download linked file. Click, file downloads. Right-clk .pdf, drop-down menu sez: Save Linked file to “Downloads”. This requires a Double-click to download.

    In Download Folder: both files are here. Selecting each one:
    >the .mp3 file opens a player and plays the audio.
    >the .pdf file is produced 2X’s. Actually they are listed outside & below the Downloads Folder, in the Home Folder of the Finder. Each listed as this: Downloads-1.(Null) and Downloads-2.(Null), and there is no application to open them.

    It’s important I get this resolved, but I don’t understand what’s happening. I am not a great html-css coder, and only touch php under threat of pain.

    I’m working on a Mac, and here’s the Page:

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