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  • On a church website, we upload an MP3 file of the sermon every week. But WordPress prefills the Description field in the Media Library, and it seems to be making guesses about the audio, apparently assuming all MP3s are music. The one I just uploaded is very typical – the name of the original file was 2020-05-31 Dan Psalms 1 and 117.mp3, and the description got prefilled as:

    “2020-05-31 Dan Psalms 1 and 117”. Genre: Blues.

    That’s obviously wrong and useless. Instead of trying to remember to remove that ridiculous description every time we upload, is there a way to disable the prefill behavior?

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  • I’m pretty sure this is not a WordPress thing, this is the meta-information attached to the audio file you are uploading. WordPress is just reading meta information attached to the file already.

    You should be able to edit this in the software you are creating the file in.

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    Thanks for the reply. Note that there are two items in that example:

    • Genre: You’re right – now that I look at the file with VLC I see that the metadata says the genre is Blues. I’ll check my software (two different Adobe apps depending on the situation) to see how to stop them from assigning a genre.
    • Filename: That’s not from metadata – in this recent example, I renamed the file after it was created, and the description had the new filename in quotes. So there is no way I can use metadata to stop it from happening.

    In Media Library, since the filename is already reflected in the title, it seems silly to also repeat it in the description. So I would prefer that the description be simply empty by default – can the prefilling be disabled?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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