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  • But is it possible create album/folder in the media library of wordpress ? it’s difficult manage a lot of images at the moment.

    i’ve installed nextgen, but there isn’t the possibility to manually crop

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  • The WordPress media system does not have the concept of “folders” and such. All attachments are attached to their own post, and to their parent post (if you uploaded from a specific post instead of through the media system).

    Uploading a gallery of pictures from a Post will group them together internally. You don’t see that on the media library page, as such, but when you are looking at that post, those will be the ones you see in the gallery selection.

    I use nextgen gallery for images because it is great (except lightbox effect doesn’t work for me..whatever)

    But I use the inbuilt media gallery for video and sound files. the only prob is that you cant sort video and sound into galleries like you can in nextgen.

    My questions are :

    1. what do you guys do
    2. is there a good media gallery plugin similar to nextgengallery?
    3. do you know if nextgen are bringing out video sound file upload support for the gallery?

    thank you for your time


    also looking for good solution to management of 100MB+ podcast audio files

    i guess we will have to wait til wordpress enable folders and uploadable media filetypes for our solution.

    then you can set the upload limit to 150mb or whatever and get those podcasts up.

    Is there a way to link the images/videos in the Media Library to a NG Gallery/Album? Or a way in NG to import the images/videos from the Media Library, as if you were uploading images/video from your computer, to NG? Thanks!

    that’d be cool. i reckon the easiest way is for media library just to accept movie and sound file types. i wrote to wordpress and asked them for it in the next release but i bet there are 1 million other things that people need more than multimedia types.
    so we’ll see ..

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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