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  • Under Media Settings I edited the Image Sizes to the following:

    – Thumbnail size: 170×80
    – Medium size: 550×170
    – Large size: 550×320
    – (“Crop thumbnails to exact dimensions” is checked)
    – Maximum embed size: Width 1000, Height 1000

    My problem is when I upload an image it ignores these dimensions. For example, when I upload a 550×320 image, and then try to add it to a post, it has been cropped to the following sizes (uploads folder shows the same):

    – Thumbnail size: 137×80
    – Medium size: 292×170
    – Large size: (unavailable)
    – Original size: 550×320

    How can I get these image sizes working correctly?

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  • It is working correctly. In the case you quoted, the image has been resized using the max-height (80 and 170px) with the width adjust accordingly.

    So it only resizes; it doesn’t crop? If so, is it possible for it to automatically crop the image?

    Yes. It will only crop the Thumbnail image if you tick the “Crop to exact size” in Settings->Media.

    Weird – I checked that (from my first post). Unfortuantely it’s cropping it to 137×80 instead of 170×80 as I specified.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Did you tick the “Crop image…” box before or after to you uploaded the image? You can’t apply the settings retrospectively without using a plugin.

    Yes, I checked that box. I also uploaded additional images and encountered the same problem. Not worried about retroactively cropping.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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