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  • Tim


    Like many other i got a problem with organizing photo’s in wordpress.

    My problem, i post something everyday with 5 – 10 seperate pic’s in every post. Currently i am using Nextgen Gallery to save all the pic’s in differend maps. But thats not where Nextgen is made for…

    I would love to have the option to save my photo’s in folders, under parrent folders.

    So for instance, i am gonna post a recipe, Tiramisu. Than i would love to save the photo’s for my Tiramisu post in the parrent folder: Recipe’s, in the folder Tiramisu.

    And would also be nice if the photo’s are easy to add in a post seperatly.

    Do any of you have an idea what a good plugin would be ?

    Much appreciated! Tim

    Link to my site if you want to see how i post:

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  • I build site based on WordPress for sports clubs and I have hit this problem as well.
    After some thorough research it seems that this is an area where WordPress isn’t very mature yet. You can only store images and ‘media’ either in one big file (one big mess) or lots of little date-based folders (lots of small messes that are a nuisance to navigate through). You can change the upload folder in settings, however you need Admin access to do this , not something you want to give to all users who edit the site. It is a bit of a faff as well. This functionality needs to be on the media library uploader itself.
    There are plenty of image tagging and image category plugins, one or two that do add some folders based on the post it was uploaded to but nothing that gives you this very simple functionality. It is one of WordPress’ main failings.

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