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  • On Friday I had to uninstall wordpress on another blog I own hosted at the same ISP as my Somehow it deleted the wordpress installation for thewilltosee too. They can’t figure out why it happened, but it did. So I just discovered it today when I went to make a post and the site wasn’t there. After figuring out what happened the host said to reinstall wordpress on One thing to note, my database and content files appear to be intact. I reinstalled wordpress and tried to get the new install to point to the old database through the wp-config (didn’t work) and on the installation page by pointing it to an exsisting database (also didn’t work). After spending over an hour working with my host they agreed to export the old database into the new database for me, since again I couldn’t get it to work. So I am waiting for that to be completed.

    My other problem is that the media files (photos) aren’t showing up in wordpress admin site evening though they are in the correct folder on the server. I have even tried copying the photos back into the folder and it still doesn’t show up when I click on Media Library on my wordpress admin site. How do I get them to show up? My templates and plug-ins are showing up fine, but just not the media files (which are in the wp-content/uploads folder).

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