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  1. yesmaybe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I was the using the older version of wordpress which let you chose upload directory path from Settings. I updated from zip file to the latest 3.6.1 and this option remained on the media settings until I put it back to default. Not that option has gone. I can see the thumbs inside the media gallery, but if I change the theme header for example, the real location of the image still tries to point to the existing custom location.

    Where do I need to go to manually change this location, is it in the db somewhere? Or can I ftp some file again?

    for example, instead of:
    it is 404 to

    thanks for support.


  2. yesmaybe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I wrote that pretty quick, I have a few more things to say:

    upload_path = wp-content/uploads
    upload_url_path = blank

    default theme header is present.
    uploaded images thumbs are missing

    Or choose an image from your media library:
    thumbs are showing:

    media thumbs are showing
    click on the thumb and the image shows

    plus exiting posts with images are still showing.
    where is the corrupt file reference?

    this also happens with default 2013 theme.


  3. yesmaybe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    one other thing to note, trying to automatically update to the latest version failed on the unpacking / verifying product screen. I think this may have been because I was using a theme (arrastheme) which was out of date with the newer version.

    what else can I suggest to help someone look into this problem? I don't even know if uploading the wordpress zip files again will work?

    I was surprised this question was already on page 13 of the help page, it's certainly a busy old forum.

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