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    I moved my blog from to today and it when I open my media library in my new blog I only have 296 images (it looks like August 2011, September 2011, and August 2012 transfered). I had 2,200 images in my media library on my account. My best guess is that since my old media library was 198 MB it was too big of a file to transfer at once, but now I don’t know how to go back and transfer a little bit at a time. Any ideas on how to move all my pictures over?

    Old blog:
    New blog:

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  • That might be true that your database size is large

    Is WordPress showing the image place holders or is it not?

    If it is then you need to manually download and then upload the media files (to proper folders). This is the more likely scenario.

    If it is not then the db info was likely not transferred.

    When I look at any post on my blog I see the pictures that go along with that post, however, the only images I see in my media library are the 296 images that appear to be from August 2011, August 2012, and September 2011. I don’t see any placeholders or anything.

    I did purchase a site redirect from WordPress, so maybe that’s why all my images are showing up in the posts even though they aren’t in my library?

    If I do need to manually download them, can you explain how to do that? When I go to Export on my blog, my options are “all content”, “posts”, “pages”, and “feedback” – I’ve looked under each of those and none of them seem to be the right thing to use to move my media library.

    My guess is that during the months noted, the Media Library was used for posts and the other months it was not…If all the files are displaying, you should be fine…If you want to use the images in the Library now, you would need to add them….

    They could also have been included in posts with a gallery plugin.

    Do this: Post here the post URL to a post that included images(s) from the Media Libray and a URL for one where the images are not in the Media Libray. The output HTML and/or CSS may reveal to us what plugin was used.

    BTW, these images are not hosted elsewhere are they? The image is pulled from another domain?

    This post contains pictures that transferred from and are showing up in my media library:

    The pictures from this post are not in my media library in my dashboard, but still show up in the posts:

    No, the images are not hosted anywhere else. I have always uploaded my images straight from my computer, to the media library, and then inserted them into my posts.

    Also, something else that I just noticed – of the pictures that did transfer and are in my media library, they all say “unattached” and it looks like I would have to go through and manually attach each picture to its corresponding post.

    I don’t know if this information helps at all, but I thought it might make a difference to someone who knows more about this than me.

    Did all your pictures are in default wp-content/…. or somewhere else . By default they should be there and will automatically work .

    I’m sorry…I don’t quite understand what you are asking in that last comment. Where is default wp-content/?



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    The pictures from this post are not in my media library in my dashboard, but still show up in the posts:

    That’s because they are being pulled directly from

    Do you know how I can change that? I’d like them to be in my media library.



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    You would have to re-upload them via WordPress on your self-hosted site.

    Do you mean I need to export the files from to my computer and then import them to If so, should I do “all content”, “posts”, “pages”, or “feedback” in order to get the pictures to move? I did “all content” when I first moved my blog, so I don’t know if I need to do that again, or if I did something wrong.

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    When you run the import tool there is a checkbox for “download and import file attachments” If you check that then the attached images will be downloaded directly from and imported into your media library.

    It might have not worked because of the site redirect. I would contact support and see if they can help with the issue.

    If you are still having problems you can use a plugin I recently released that will go through your posts and import and attach external images into your media library. The plugin also changes the img src to point to the correct image. It doesn’t change the link to the larger size which would still point to

    This issue is resolved! Finally (whew!). Apparently when I first imported my export to my new blog, only 200ish pictures imported. However, someone suggested to try importing it again, so I did and 200ish more pictures showed up. I ended up having to import that same export file 9 times (10 if you count the original time I did it) and little by little, my pictures showed up.

    I am so relieved to finally have this figured out!

    Thank you to all of you who tried to help me with my issue. Your time is much appreciated 🙂

    Sorry I forgot to check “resolved”, and apparently I have to write something here in the text box before it will let me change that…

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