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    Just wondering if anybody has a clue as to how I would something which seems to me should not be a big task, but one I’m finding impossible to achieve.

    I want to be able to upload and categorize files for download, mostly pdf’s. I have tried a few plugins but none of them actually do what I want in full.

    Both Media Categories and Media Tagger allowed me to categorize media files, cool, but none of the categorized files appear when I click on a category link, only posts. However if I have to make a new post for every pdf I want to upload that would seem to me to be terribly cumbersome plus there would be no point in using the above two plugins.

    List category posts
    allowed me to view the posts in the format I want (great for posts) but again none of the media files appear in the list.

    WP Publication Archive looked awesome at first and did show pdf’s in the category links but clicking on the download did not work nor could I could not find any documentation that showed me how I could format the output, each file takes up four lines of text with too much superfluous information. I would like a single row showing file name and author, just like List Category posts does.

    I also tried a few others some of which just did not work at all. I am verily new to wordpress, and it seem to me that it would be a common requirement that people would want to list multiple files for download without having to create hundreds of posts. Anybody know of a plugin that will accomplish this?


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  • Actually correction on the above post re. Media Tagger, this did not work at all just kept logging me out of WP everytime I clicked on an option.

    Try Media Tags. I found it very flexible. I use it to categorize and display PDFs using shortcodes and a simple function that displays just the title and link to the file.

    thanks sabahat,

    I’ll give it a try,

    I have managed to do most of what I want to do with download monitor, it works well for my purpose, unfortunately the developer has suspended development and the documentation is lacking but all in all it is a great plugin.

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