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    I know this has been asked before but so far I haven’t found anyone who has been able to answer this question. What Magic Trick does WordPress use to store the Media Files in the Library? Just putting files in the upload directory does not work. I can’t find a single link to the files in the database so how is it getting its information?

    I see people pointing to a plugin to pull files that are already on the server into the media library but no one has said where the information is stored. Surely somebody knows this information, they programed it. Why the big secret? Is it stored as a compressed array in the table? Those things are so hard to debug and look at.

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    As this is marked as resolved, I guess the OP found his answer, but neglected to share. Uploaded media file data gets stored in an Attachment post type, the actual link to the file is in the guid column of the posts table.

    Sorry, I did post a reply stating that I found it in the posts section of the database once I realized I was looking in the wrong database to begin with. (Major Brain Freeze here 🙂 LOL) I found it just before going to bed last night and posted that I found it though I did not state that it was listed as an attachment post. I just said that I found it in the post section of the database. Now what happened to that Post, I don’t know. Its floating around out there somewhere in the Internet Etherworld.

    Maybe because I sent it from my phone instead of my laptop something happened and the post didn’t make it over. Sorry about the confusion. Our technology still isn’t perfect and just when you think you had something posted, it turns out you didn’t.

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