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    I have around 2900 photos which I use in my posts. Currently they are sorted in the year-month folders. However if I like to change the theme or move sth. then it’s always a PIA to export/import the media files to preserve the folder structure. As the files are reference exactly with that path in my posts and as the media librarys’ only filter possibility is to filter by this year-month structure.

    There are multiple plug-ins to organize media files and/or import files – but just now I’m running into the problem that something is wrong with these plug-ins and I don’t know if they just don’t fulfill the requirements/standard/mandatory parameters or what’s wrong. So I’m forced to use this folder structure which also does not allow me to just re-add the file via the normal web-interface as this would mean they are ALL sorted into one year-month folder. So I would loose the one and only(!) filter possibility where I don’t need any buggy/deprecated/unsupported plug-in.

    PLEASE add a possibility to create a simple folder structure (one hierarchy level would already be enough) to be able to manually re-upload files easily while still maintaining the links to those files in my posts.

    So for example if I could create:

    • Event A1
    • Event B1
    • Tutorial A
    • AboutImages

    And those would create folders like “event-a1”, “event-b1”, “tutorial-b1”, “aboutimages” or sth. similar that the files are also referenced in that manner. e.g. “https://mypage.com/event-a1/image1.jpg” then it would be very easy and straightforward to manually re-create those folder.

    Currently reuploading the files is just not possible with preserving the year-month structure as it will automatically take the current date without ANY exception and you will definitly loose the ONE and ONLY filter criteria. And even if you do so, you would have to touch each and every reference in a post/page to correct the link.

    Also the Export as XML for media is only usable for everything which is already there. If you like to add files later or find some older items you want to append – there is no option to sort it into the same year-month folder which already exist. With a custom folder you could still do that or with more hierarchy levels just create a subfolder. And also other people who don’t know which files are sorted into which year-month folder are not getting lost but are able to find those items as the custom folder names usually give you at least a hint and can describe sth. while a year-month folder does not describe anything.

    Those year-month folders are just not stable, only for the time you don’t change anything. As soon as you intent to do a larger change/setup from scratch those are not stable anymore.


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  • try plugins like HappyFiles for WordPress media files organiser

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    Which is just another plug-in, if you would have read my post you would know what I think of a “solution” via plug-in.

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