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  • First, fantastic software, thanks much for developing it. 🙂

    After ignoring this for some time (since introduction in v2), I’ve had clients complain enough that I’d make a feature request: Can media date in media upload path be dependent on the object being attached to (e.g. post versus page). Background is here:

    I understand the philosophy of dating inserted media to a original post date. That makes sense. But as WordPress progresses into a more robust CMS, it does NOT make sense to tie media to the original post date of the PAGE (versus post). A page’s original creation date is really not relevant to the media being added to it. It lives OVER time, unlike a post, which is a snapshot IN time. I’m not sure if you’ve had other people who agree with this or not (other than the comments in the link and the bug link)

    Not digging into the admin code to be sure (I wouldn’t know what to do anyway), but it SEEMS it could be as easy as checking the object type being edited, and using current date if it is a page [and post’s original date if it is a post].

    Thanks for listening!

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