• Hi,

    Late last year I had a problem with media gallery Insrting Images into posts. I came to look for a solution but no one seemed to have any and the topic someone posted had since been closed so Its not just my WordPress that suffers the problem.

    The host of mine tried a few tests but found no problem from there, they came to the conclusion its a WordPress fault. TThe media works on two other sites.

    This year my Kynismar site suffered the same fate, Images won’t upload from the media gallery so for that site I decided that the only way to get Images into posts was via the address from the host.

    The error on my Rovers site:

    brothercadfaelrose.jpg An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.

    Now my Blackburn Rovers has also suffered the same fate, media not putting Images into posts.


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  • Url of one of the sites, wrodpress version, theme name and where hosted, and presume you’re loading from your PC?

    What happened to the post, I add tag last now the flipping post vanishes..sigh,…


    Admired theme

    My wordpress’ are always updated

    I upload any theme zips via Filezilla.

    My current version of WP, and the site is 3.6 and only a month old.

    Hosting has nothing to do with whats been happening to some sites since last year. Remember its not just mine its happening to.

    So what order do you do things in.

    1. Do you upload to media first, then create post then insert media?
    2. Or insert media in the post, and upload as part of that
    3. Did it work previously on this site?
    4. When did it stop, and what else was happening with the site any additional plugins/theme updates/wordpress updates?

    sorry for more questions, but need to understand a bit more first

    I’ve got the same issue. I’ve tried all the “fixes” when this happened in previous upgrades – turning off all plugins, clearing the caches on my browser and site, etc. This isn’t happening on my other site, which I still haven’t upgraded to 3.6

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    @daxcarlisle, you can create your own thread to discuss your own issue.

    Yes, but it’s the SAME issue! And I am not the only one having this problem apparently. I’ve spent half a day searching for answers. This is the NEWEST thread about people not being able to insert images into posts and pages. It doesn’t make sense to create a dozen threads on this – how about we actually get solutions, so others (like me) can find them…..

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    To discuss your own issue you create a thread about it. That’s how these forums work. If someone knows the answer or wants to run through some troubleshooting to get to the answer then that person can post in your thread.

    Likewise if you know the answer or want to troubleshoot the answer please do, otherwise don’t post in someone else’s thread. What good does saying that you have the same issue do?

    If you really do have the same issue then you do not need to post here at all, but instead watch this thread and follow the answers given to the original poster.

    Meanwhile, for those looking for a temporary work around, I am currently “manually” inserting the images, by going to the “Text” tab and using this code:

    <img class="alignright size-full wp-image-####" alt="Insert Alternative Text" src="http://YourWebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/ImageName.jpg" width="###" height="###"/>

    You can upload images to Media and get the “wp image number” and URL from there…..

    Sorry, I am used to people posting in threads on the same issues in other forums. By saying “I have the same issue” it, #1 – let’s the “powers that be” KNOW this is not an isolated issue, and they should work on “fixing” this in the next upgrade or patch – and – #2, it let’s the person posting about the issue KNOW they are not alone, that it’s not their fault, WP just screwed up another Update………..

    Yes, but it’s the SAME issue!


    When I came looking some time ago there was this same issue but locked, there was no solution then and I could bet money these people with the same Issue don’t get a solution this time either.

    No one had clicked ‘resolved’ yet the topic was closed.

    I even emailed Matt but got no reply let alone a solution.

    With every upgrade it gets worse. This week as well as media difficulties there was a problem when adding a new catagorie, publish was’nt working and when I added it to draft and then refreshed the new catagorie was added and I could publish by the publish button.

    Ok your questions.

    1. Do you upload to media first, then create post then insert media?

    (A) No. I write my post and where it relates to text I add media.

    2. Or insert media in the post, and upload as part of that.

    (A)I make my post add Images as I go then publish.

    3. Did it work previously on this site?

    (A) Yes.

    4. When did it stop, and what else was happening with the site any additional plugins/theme updates/wordpress updates?

    (A)I did say I take all the updates availble.
    Normally its just the media but this week the catagories were not loading, preview was’nt working till I put it into draft then refreshed.

    (A) No idea when it stopped, it just stopped and I have only two plugin and a script.

    I know for a fact some web designers on WordPress use plugin after plugin on their clients site so I cannot see where plugins make a site break down.

    sorry for more questions, but need to understand a bit more first.

    I don’t mind a bit.

    Andrew, any normal site would have merged all the same problems into one untill it was a solution, this would keep a forum tidy. Its too easy to close a topic when there is no solution.

    I would like this to stay open, people add to it, their experiences untill a solution is found. Its useless to ask us to upgrade when the current one is a failure in some areas.

    We have tried to fix this with a phpini but it does’nt make any difference.

    The moderator has only chastised a member does he not have a solution?

    Thanks for trying to help Robin.

    OMG, this was happening five years ago, take care if you try any of those suggestions.

    I am not saying the writer is wrong but if you try any just backup first

    There is a post on media problem a year ago also.So it would seem there has been the media problem for some years now.

    Did you checked the uploads folder permission on server. Set the uploads permission and that will fix your issue.

    Just my two cents on the statement that it’s the same issue:

    The symptoms seem to be the same, the cause can be very different.

    I’ll list the 4 causes of the faillure to insert images into posts that I’ve seen this week:

    1) webhosting space was full, preventing uploads
    2) Chrome browser on one mac did not work, did work on other mac.
    3) permissions on folders were reset by webhost
    4) plugin was conflicting with jquery
    etc etc.

    Remember: all had the complaint that there was a media problem and WordPress was broken.

    Please have some respect for the volunteer moderators who do their best to support everyone and produce a great free piece of software. (with which I and a lot of others make money)

    Meanwhile: have you tried a new install of wordpress, in a subfolder on the same host? Just the basic install, no plugins, no theme apart from the default WordPress theme.

    If a problem baffles me this is what I tend to do. It takes only 10-15 minutes and you have then eliminated a lot of variables.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)


    WordPress.org Admin

    Yes, but it’s the SAME issue!

    No, it’s the same symptom. Any one of a number of possible issues could cause the same results.

    Having many people post contradicting information just because the end results are the same makes it much harder to solve each of their problems. This is why we prefer each person make their own thread, to avoid this sort of cross-talk which just creates more confusion.


    The message “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” is the default error message for an undefined upload error. It tries to check for things like zero byte files and size limits and invalid filetypes, but in the end, it can’t check for all possible reasons, and sometimes the server doesn’t even return a reason.

    Try to figure out what is special about these uploads. Can you upload small files, for example? ZIP files? Does it only fail on large images (not large in filesize, but large in dimensions)? If it “used to work” and nothing changed, then it still must work. So either something changed, or something is different about what you’re uploading, or something else.

    But regardless, a generic error message isn’t enough information to go on to help you solve the problem.

    Also, I’m sorry, but “Hosting has nothing to do with whats been happening to some sites since last year.” is completely incorrect. Hosting has *everything* to do with file uploads. Every host, every server, every configuration is unique. Ultimately, WordPress doesn’t actually do any part of the “uploading”. The webserver and the browser do the uploading, and WordPress just handles the results. The fact that the problem can exist in many forms and many places doesn’t make the problem the same everywhere.

    Ok so back on the Op’s issue

    You say that you only upload media during the creation of a post.

    can you try using dashboard>media>ad new and let us know if the same error comes up?

    Could be completely irrelevant to your problem but I had problems uploading media & it turned out to be a browser issue. What I couldn’t do using Internet Explorer worked perfectly fine with Firefox, even though previously it had worked with IE.

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