• A site using s2Member currently uses L1, L2, L3 to denote membership durations (weekly, monthly, annual) All of those members have access to every post … via Post Level Restrictions.

    Now, I wish to leave all of that the same for members, but sell individual posts to L0, Free subscribers. The “AND” behavior of “Require Custom Capabilities” doesn’t allow easy implementation.

    What I would like to do is:
    – tag all protected posts with “paid_mbr” (currently Req L1 or higher)
    – give all L1, L2, L3 members a ccap of “paid_mbr”
    – give certain posts ccaps related to a project name, i.e. donkey, snail, rabbit, tortise
    – offer those ccaps for sale to L0 subscribers
    – have functions.php code that
    — allows access to all posts for “paid mbr” (easy)
    — allows an L0 subscriber to any of the projects he might have purchased (where I need help)

    There are a LOT of individual ccap possibilities, and I want to avoid editing functions.php every time we add a new project. The ideal answer is one that answer’s the question:
    – if current_user_has_ccap that matches any of the projects

    My sticking point is how to code that last question/test.



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  • … or, of course, any other simple way to accomplish the same idea of:
    – all L1, L2, L3 have access to all protected posts
    – L0 users WITH specific ccaps have access to those ccaps
    – with a minimal level of special functions.php code


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