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    I successfully uploaded WordPress, placing it in its own subdirectory for my business site.

    I created the site, modified index.php, modified .htaccess, altered Permalinks (greatly assisted by this forum and by the codex), and the business site was up and running.

    Since my hosting company offers to host several of websites for me, I registered a domain name with them and it was initiated as:

    I went ahead and installed WordPress in this fashion:
    And went ahead with creating my writing website.

    Then I read about Multisite and wondered if it was/is really the approach I should have taken. Particularly since I’m scratching my head about changes to .htaccess. (…/httpdocs/ did not have a .htaccess file, the way that /httpdocs/ did.)

    Have I painted myself into a corner here or can/should I make use of Multisite?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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  • You could if you wanted. A couple things to keep in mind.

    1) You can just make a .htaccess in /httpdocs/ 🙂

    2) If you plan to move these sites to different hosting accounts later, you’re better off without Multisite.

    Many thanks! Just the answers/questions I need. I did edit a .htaccess file and pasted in the code provided by WordPress, but that failed. Perhaps my .htaccess was incomplete? Can I paste in the non-Wordpress portion and change the site name? (Of course, there might be different problem with the .htaccess. But all I pasted into the .htaccess I created was the WordPress-generated code.)
    Again, thanks. The support forum and the codex have made this a good learning experience.

    Go to your Settings -> Permalinks page on the / site. Make a change and hit save. Now, scroll down and see the line where it’ll say if it wrote to your .htaccess or not 🙂 If it did not, it’ll tell you exactly what to paste in 😀

    Thanks again, Mika! I double-checked to be sure that the most recent .htaccess had been created and my site at appears to function properly now.

    In a few months I plan to move another of my writing sites over to the same hosting service. Since, with your kind assistance, I have apparently overcome this .htaccess issue, and I feel more comfortable with moving the site from /wordpress status to its actual site name and Permalinks, I will refrain from incorporating Multisite.

    best regards

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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