• I think it is a great plugin which provides a wide range of options to experts. So I give 4 of 5 stars because I am an expert but not at all in the world of WordPress and SEO and what ever.

    So it depends on your situation. If you are involved and interested in the WordPress and web site business, I am almost sure this is a great deal. Providing a life time license instead of the wide spread subscription models is really great and nowadays kind of a unique selling proposition.

    But I am someone who just needs a web site with some content, that is all in all unmportant to 99.999% of the world. But it just has to be there in order for recruiters and customers to see that I am an expert in my area (C#, Unity, maths,..) when they click on a link in my CV.

    I spent some hours playing around with WPSSO and googled for the warnings and notices about Facebook, Pinterest and all these things I definitely don’t care about. Maybe it’s because of the WPML multi-language plugin, or the Joomla migrated content or the Canuck theme. I don’t know and I definitely don’t want to spent hours for fixing old content. At the end I gave up and decided to live with a lower ranking and some errors in the Google Search Console.

    But anyway go ahead and give it a try. Looks like there are many sites out there working fine out of the box.

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  • Plugin Author JS Morisset


    Thanks for your great review. 🙂

    Lots of sites, like Google Search, Facebook, etc. have minimum requirement for image size and aspect ratio. WPSSO will issue warnings if it can’t find a suitable image. This usually isn’t a problem on a new post/page, but if you’re installing WPSSO on an older site, with older content that has small images in the Media Library, WPSSO might end up showing lots of warnings. 🙂 You can ignore them, but if you want to rank well in Google and get more clicks when posting to Facebook, it’s best to fix the warnings.

    Here’s more info on how WPSSO selects images: https://wpsso.com/docs/plugins/wpsso/faqs/how-does-wpsso-find-detect-select-images/


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