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  • Hi, when I selected the options for the widget to display post / category, I have just the “any” option but my existing categories are not shown.
    Then unusable in my case.
    This review is to report the bug.

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    Hello Ishko,

    I am sorry to hearing about your problem, but this is not the correct way to report a bug.
    you should have opened a topic in the support section here:

    bugs can happen and many times are actually caused by conflicts with other plugins or with the theme that you have installed, so they are not completely my fault.
    I am happy to help you to sort your problem, but I don’t think is very fair to give a mediocre rating to my plugin, before giving me the chance to understand what is causing the bug and eventually correct it (if it’s actually a shortcome of my plugin).

    which version of wordpress are you using?
    do you use any plugin for post types and taxonomies?
    do you have any caching plugin?
    which template are you using?
    can you provide a link to your site?


    Hi, Sorry the 3 stars was to be neutral, not to be unfair ;-).
    You are right it’s not the place for a bug report. But it seems I can’t discard it now ?

    That was more to inform you of the bug because I had tested your plugin in a very standard environnment and maybe that’s a bug other donwloaders may have encounter and not reported (you have a lot of download but very few feedbacks, maybe they add suvch a bug too ?)

    which version of wordpress are you using?

    do you use any plugin for post types and taxonomies?
    NO, the problem occured with standard articles, on ‘category’ taxonomy

    do you have any caching plugin? NO (site in preprod with just a few extensions, no cache, no security extension)

    which template are you using? personnal theme based on foundationpress, but the bug was happening in the admin panel.

    can you provide a link to your site? Site in preprod, no public access, but the plugin is now uninstalled then it won’t be very useful.

    Thanks for your answer and sorry for bug report at the wrong place !

    Plugin Author piccart


    Hi Ishko,
    thanks for your apologize, I appreciate your good intents and it’s enough for me. hopefully future positive ratings will balance this, 3 stars is not that negative, as you pointed out. 😉

    regarding the bug, it’s a bit odd because I’ve tested it also in a very stressed wp install with several plugins, and it was working fine.

    it is pretty normal that just 1/100 person will leave a review, posite or negative. and in my case I’ve relased 3 versions so far, and I have more than 70 active plugins on 330 total downloads (which have to be divided among the 3 versions), so it seems that most of the people who downloaded it, are actually using it.

    I would like to try to replicate your problem though, but I can’t figure out what might be causing the conflict.

    do you have any plugin to manage categories or add functionalities to them?
    if in the widget options, you select another taxonomy, like tags or other, will the terms selector still display only “any”?
    and what about other selectors like the meta fields? was it empty as well?

    thanks for your feedback!

    Plugin Author piccart



    I think I’ve figured out which was your problem.
    there was a conflict showing up in Chrome (and maybe in other browsers as well), that was blocking the javascript which changes the content of the terms selector based on the taxonomy selected item. so nothing was loaded in the terms when you selected something in the taxonomy.

    the issue is now fixed from version 1.2.2.


    Hi piccart !
    Thanks for you feedback and sorry for my non-answer to your previous message.
    The bug I experienced in Chrome was exactly what you describe.

    I’m happy to see that the bug won’t occur any more and that I can know use again your useful plugin if I need it. Because of this bug, I’m actually using another.

    As you’ve maybe seen, I’ve increased my notation to 5 stars after our first messages because the plugin deserves its 5 stars.

    Best regards !

    Plugin Author piccart


    Thank you very much!

    I saw it and I really appreciate it, that’s why I’ve replied here when I’ve sorted the bug. 🙂

    by the way, I am working on a new premium version which will have an enormity of new options and settings. in particular it will have the shortcode so you can add the listing into a post content as well, and it will have a lot of style options in order to create very cool post lists (even in grid-style), bigger or smaller images, etc..

    it will be a paid plugin, but quite cheap. it’s just because otherwise I won’t get anything at all from donations only..
    and obviously I’ll keep updating this free version as well.

    Stay tuned! 😉

    Thanks, I’ll stay tuned !
    I think it fully justifies a premium version plugin, as complex plugins are often used on paid project.
    Cheers !

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