• I have a suspicion that this may slow your site down. Within your /wp-content/uploads folder you’ll find a sucuri folder, and within that, a blacklist and a whitelist folder. This contains a set of files showing the IP addresses of the good and the bad. I found several hundred files in the blacklist folder!

    Isn’t there going to be a performance hit if the plugin is reading in this folder every page load? Wouldn’t it be faster to put this information into a text file or the database? (It is possible that maybe the plugin is doing a php file_exists() call for the IP address when a page request is made– I haven’t checked.)

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  • Nope, not at all. We do exactly like that (a file_exists) for the IP address, so it is a quick operation. Plus, we only do it for wp-admin access and not for normal visitors (GET requests).


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    Thanks for the detail! Is it possible for me to change the name of this Forum Topic for you, then? Sorry!

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