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    Why did you add the geolocation widget to your plugin? This means the plugin grew in size from very small (about 200kB) to quite large (38MB)!

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  • Hi Jos,

    Sorry about this, we are releasing a update today to stop this and make it optional (which it should of been at the start).

    Simply just update this plugin.




    I got the same problem over here – but my client has 30 or so websites with this plugin. Now we don’t got enough room left on the server 🙁

    Hope the update is coming today!!

    Thanks in advance!

    Today I got the message that display widgets is removed from

    What is this? Is there an update coming or do I have to go look for another plugin?

    Hope to hear something from you!

    The Display Widgets plugin has been removed because of the way the new developers first update automatically connects to a private server to download the geolocation widget code (50MB+ zip file of code that extracts into the Display Widget plugins directory!!!). With plugins hosted on you can’t do that sort of thing!

    Because the plugin was abandoned for over 2 years (no updates/no support) I forked (made a copy) of the old Display Widgets code last year to create a new updated version of the plugin at My update which fixes various bugs and issues reported over the past couple of years in the 2.05 code (the code which wasn’t updated for 2+ years) and adds support for BBpress, BuddyPress, WPML plugin and loads of new logic conditions.

    You can safely disable the Display Widgets plugin, install the Display Widgets SEO Plus plugin and your old settings should still work without having to do anything: obviously go check the widget options to be certain.

    I don’t know what will happen now with the Display Widgets plugin, I’ve contacted WordPress and offered to adopt this plugin with an aim to ‘merge’ the two plugins together. My new Display Widgets SEO Plus version is better than the old version and the latest update which doesn’t appear to fix any of the issues and has added a new bug and the bloated widget code.

    In hindsight I should have offered to adopt this plugin 6+ months ago as my code is an update/upgrade.


    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for your post, I had been looking at your plugin last night and was thinking it was the best option after the old display widgets was pulled.

    When you say the “old settings should still work”, this sounds like a life saver as I have the old plugin on 50 odd sites.

    I will try your plugin on a smaller site and report back as to how it works in terms of picking up settings from the old plugin.

    It is people like you that make WordPress what it is.

    The “old settings should still work” part is me being careful, I used the same options names etc… as the old plugin so it should be seamless: in all my tests** the old settings work with no need to do anything, but I hate to make 100% guarantees as that’s the day it all goes wrong 🙂

    ** I have the old Display Widgets code running via a theme (have it built into the Stallion Responsive SEO theme) and I’ve updated dozens of sites with no issues (I’ve switched from my theme version to the new plugin). Also tested direct upgrades from the old plugin to my plugin and again no issues. The new plugin has 2,000+ active installs, presumably some have switched from the old plugin and again no issues reported.

    The worst case scenario is you switch to the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin, find it doesn’t work and switch back with no harm done.

    For anyone who has upgraded to the 2.6 version (with the bloated geolocation widget code) and want to downgrade to the old code rather than upgrade to my plugin, the old code is still available at although there’s small bugs/issues with the old code it’s a stable release which works for many WordPress users.


    I can confirm that I have just installed your plugin ( on 9 sites, activated it, deactivated the old “display widgets” plugin and tested all nine sites and they continue to perform and appear EXACTLY as before.

    I then deleted the the old “display widgets” plugin and updated to the latest version of WordPress and again, all continue to perform and appear EXACTLY as before.

    The 9 sites I tested were using the widgets for a variation of things like custom menus, text widgets, contact forms, etc on both static pages, posts and post archives.

    All the themes I am using are the default WordPress themes such as twentysixteen.

    I have a lot more sites to repeat this process on and if I run into any issues, I will report back.

    Again, I cannot thank you enough for your plugin and also your detailed explanations on this thread.

    Glad to hear the upgrade/switch went smoothly.


    Goodmorning Dave,

    Thanks for the reply and the advice! You made me very happy :)!!

    Today I have changed the plugin on 10 sites or so – it went well 8 times – but 2 times the switch did not went smooth.

    The website layout breaks down – it happens on the blog pages in particular.
    On both sites I changed the blog appearance in de code.

    Site 1

    Site 2

    Do you have any idea where it is going wrong?

    The plugin is now turned off – but I can make you an account if you have time to take a closer look. Thanks in advance!

    I couldn’t see anything obviously wrong with the layout or the code (viewing source) and it looks like you have widget logic turned on as the sidebars are different on some sections of the sites. Also checked the Google cache (from 22nd June and 19th June) and looks the same.

    Could it have been a temporary caching issue after making code changes? If the plugin is disabled, enable it and try a forced refresh : CTRL F5 on your keyboard is a forced refresh, this will clear the browser cache. If you use a caching plugin also clear the caching plugins cache.

    Lost count the number of times a messed up site was a simple caching issue.

    If not a caching issue, the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin and the Display Widgets Plugin couldn’t alter your layout per se. They basically make widgets turn on/off so shouldn’t have any direct impact on layout.

    That being said if you have a theme which expects widgets in particular widget areas to look right (layout is different if no widgets added: for example many themes have a sidebar.php template file and this can hold default widgets- AKA a different output) or has a code ‘error’ that’s ‘fixed’ when a widget is loaded, having widgets hidden on specific sections could change the layout.

    For example the Stallion Responsive SEO Theme I develop expects at least one widget in the Left Sidebar Widget Area and one in the Right Sidebar Widget Area. If a widget isn’t added or is hidden by a widget logic plugin, logged in users (‘normal’ visitors don’t see it) see a warning they haven’t setup their widget areas and should go to “Appearance” >> “Widgets” to add widgets (I added blank widgets for this issue).

    After that it’s theme/plugin troubleshooting with the TwentySeventeen theme, disabling plugins one by one to track down the cause of the layout issue. Remember to clear the cache with each change otherwise you might be viewing the cache.


    Thanks for the quick response – I am now testing on this page the new plugin is enabled now and the old one disabled.

    When I turn on the new plugin the whole sidebar completly disappears 🙁

    It does not look like a caching issue – I tried turning off some of the plugins but that does not seem to be the issue.

    The plugin is now enabled – mayby you can see something go wrong now?

    Thanks for your help!!

    It looks like everything is working correctly assuming you have for that page all the widgets set to Hidden (or the widgets are set to Show and you tick the pages you want the widgets to show on and that page isn’t ticked)?

    Looking at the Google cache for that page I see two sidebar widgets: Categories and Recent Posts. If those two widgets still exist under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” check to see if they are both set to be hidden on that page or type of content that page is. For example if the URL you linked to is a Static Page check the widgets aren’t hidden (or NOT set to Show) for all Static Pages or that Static Page.

    If all the widgets are hidden the sidebar would be empty.

    Assuming I’m right on the hidden widgets, if you wanted the sidebar to be empty AND the content to fill the screen that would be a theme template issue: your theme believes there are widgets in that area (or loads blank when empty by default) so loads a blank sidebar. If you want no widgets on the sidebar and it’s a Static Page consider changing the Page Template selected as it looks like other parts of the site can have full width content so guessing you have multiple Page Templates.

    Lots of assumptions above, so could be way off 🙂


    The widgets are not hidden – they should be there 🙂

    This page = a single blog page

    The widgets Categories and Recent posts are ticked – I want them to show on this page. It says: ‘Show On Ticked’ – and ticked on ‘Content types -> All posts’

    When I disable the new plugin I see this in the code right after the primary:
    <aside id="secondary" class="widget-area" role="complementary">

    When I enable the plugin, the whole #secondary section just disappears – that is why I can not see the widgets on this page.

    If your settings are:

    Hide or Show for Everyone
    Show on Ticked

    Everything else NOT ticked other than

    Content Types +/-
    All Posts – Page 1 Only

    Can also tick “All Posts – Pages 2,3,4…” if you want it on Posts with Paged Comments.

    If that’s your settings the widget should load on all Blog Posts (Single Posts) including the Blog Posts you’ve linked to. That’s one of the most basic widget logic settings, weird it’s not working.

    If happy with me logging in I can take a look, my email is Obviously don’t post your login details here.


    Yes unfortunately there was a huge bug with one of the widgets we activated. Basically we had a few requests off certain people asking if they could show certain widgets to certain countries.

    In the last update it was checking the ip of EVERY VISITOR with no option to turn off the feature. Now this is fixed and it is deactivated by default, and can be activated by a click of a button :).

    Also it was downloading the full maxmind database, now if you have the feature enabled it uses external API (ip2location) instead.

    Hope you like it 🙂 Sorry for any inconvenience.

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