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  • Same issue here. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Same here. While yesterday the page seemed online, today I can reach I wonder if signup for a GeoLite2 account is necessary and useful or if an automatic solution trough the SlimStat plugin is possible in the future?

    Plugin Contributor toxicum


    It will be possible, but users need to signup on Maxmind and get a (free) License key.
    In Slimstat, there need to be introduced a license key setup field, which needs to be appended to the download url as a parameter.

    Same here. Any solutions so far ?

    I will need to have a closer look, but maybe it might be possible to download the DB (after creating an account) and put it manually onto the server where wordpress is running. Might be a workaround til it is fixed in the plugin.

    Did anyone try this already maybe ?

    Plugin Contributor toxicum


    Nice! Now just to wait to get that PR committed. And having a closer look at the repo I wonder if this plugin is still under development.

    @toxicum I played around with a script solution which shall provide a direct download. But I get an error when using wget, Authentification failed. The URL is the same as you use in your PR, how did not manage to solve that ? I got a license key, but it does not seem to work. Which option did you use in your tests ? The key for GoeIP Update or just a key ?

    Thanks for a hint!

    Plugin Contributor toxicum


    Just use the generated license key. It takes a while until it works. I tested the url in the browser.

    Instead of writing your own script, you may use their updater script directly.

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    Ah, my url works now in browser but not with wget on shell – I will dig into that.

    I would like to use their script but I can not install any software on my server, so sadly not an option.

    Edit: got it. URL has to be quoted when usig wGet – I overlooked that in their description

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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