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  • Hullo!

    I’ve got a WP blog running on my dedicated box, a 2.4Ghz Xenon Linux box with php and MySQL. The site currently has ~8,500 posts and I’m adding about 50-70 a day. The site is currently only getting ~1,500 unique visitors a day.

    As I’ve added more posts, I’ve noticed a large increase in server load. It used to hover at 0.6 (15min load), now it’s rare that it’ll drop below 2.5 (15min load). I took a few actions to try and speed the site up, but nothing seemed to do the job;

    1) Increased MySQL cache size
    2) Installed wp-super-cache (i only use the standard cache feature)
    3) Debugged all my plugins, and managed to lower the number of SQL queries per page from ~60 to ~30

    When I setup the site, I googled for large wordpress sites, and found some that had in excess of 50,000 posts. Making me believe WP would be the way to go. I still think it is, but i can’t figure out why my load is so high.

    Does anyone have experience with a site of this size? Or has anyone experienced similar issues?


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  • see if wp-cron.php is acting up and querying too regularly

    Hey samboll, I’ve read up on the cron issue, and that doesn’t seem to be it. To make 100% sure I tried a plugin, that confirms it runs only hourly, and also disabled cron for a few hours with no impact to the servers load.

    I’ve noticed in the last couple of days, whilst cleaning some duplicate titles in my content, that editing posts really spikes the servers load. I can’t imagine selecting, editing, and updating the SQL table would push server load to 5+ for a single post (could it?).

    I began to wonder if some of my tables are in fact swollen beyond the 10,000 content items, due to the taxonomy of WP. Here’s the data;

    – wp_posts / 9,810 records
    – wp_postmeta / 51,964 records
    – wp_term_taxonomy / 4,329 records
    – wp_term_relationships / 85,238 records

    Is it the case that each time a users views a page, the 4 tables above are joined? And if so, is there something I could execute in phpMyAdmin to see how long that is taking?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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