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  • I am currently using the WP 3.3.1 along with the WP Photo Album Plus 4.3.5 plugin. I have added six albums to my site. Each photo was resized to be 640 X 480 and optimized (PunyPNG) before uploading. Each photo is about 100K (+- 25KB) in size. The majority of the albums each have 10-30 photos.

    I have one album that has 70 photos. The upload (using zip) went through fine. I can see that the thumb nails were created as well as the original size photos. Checked this in the albums and via FTP on my server. If I click through the website (as a user would) and go to the gallery page I can click into this album. The thumbnails display but neither the slideshow nor the full size images will display. The page is blank when you try either of these options. This is NOT the case for any of my other smaller albums.

    I checked through the forums and couldn’t find anything that seemed similar to my issue. After a bit more testing I started deleting photos from the gallery. My original test got it down to 47 images thinking there might be some 50 image limit but this didn’t do it. I then did another round and got it down to 31 images in this gallery and then the slideshow and full size images displayed like normal.

    Based on what I read on the plugins description page I was under the impression that I would be allowed to have unlimited photos in an album.

    Is this correct? If there isn’t a limit what may be causing this issue or how to do go about resolving it?

    If you need any other information from me please let me know.

    Thanks so much for your help in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    There is no limit for the number of photos for wppa+ (exept maxint, approx for a 32 bit server, 32767 for a 16 bit server).

    The limit may be a server limit in terms of max http page size, max server memory needed to prepare the page, max execution time for the server per http page and so on.

    You can see a lot of server config settings in the last table on the photo albums -> settings screen. The memory in your pc/laptop may also be a problem, although less likely.

    My private site contains an album with 349 photos that displays problemless on my windows7 packard bell laptop, see the slideshow or the thumbnail display.

    Thanks for the fast response. My PC has 2GB of memory and with my browser open I still have more than 1+GB free.

    The total size of all 70 images is 5.91MB.

    I looked through the settings page to see the PHP values and don’t see anything that looks out of the ordinary but I may be missing something.

    Is there some way to diagnose exactly what is the culprit?


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Is there some way to diagnose exactly what is the culprit?

    That would be nice!
    Can you make an album so big that it shows the problem and supply a link here so i can look into it?

    Sure thing. Below is the link to the gallery page. It is the last album on the page titled “Deck-Porch Renovation”.

    Before & After Gallery

    If you have any questions please let me know.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    There is a strange thing going on….
    I can see the thumbnail display, quick and qithout problems.
    I can open the slideshow of the album right above (30 pics), no problem.
    When i open the slideshow of the 70 pica album, nothing happens, i get a blank screen, inspecting page source even does not give anything.

    Are you self-hosted or do you have a hosting provider?

    Could you please check Table IX-5 wppa+ debugging? Then i can see a little more.

    This site is hosted by HostGator.

    I have enabled debugging for you.


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Thank you. I saw nothing to worry. (If you append ?debug to the url in the browser, you will see the entire php config at the bottom of the page.)

    Did you try disabling other plugins? it is just a suggestion as i do not really know where to look further….

    Good call on the plugins. I deactived all plugins and re-activated them one by one and tested the problematic gallery after each activation.

    It turns out the problematic plugin is Antispam Bee ( Strange that it works fine with just over 30 images but not more.

    This problem is easily reproducible as it immediately causes the problem as soon as the plugin is disabled even when using the standard (default) settings. If I disable this plugin the gallery of 70 images appears to load fine.

    If there is anything that you can do that may be able to resolve the issue or if you would like any additional information from me please let me know.


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    I think you should ask the antispam-bee boys on how this limitation works/is to remove/change.

    Yes, I will send a message. Thanks again for your help.

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